Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 6 – The Cave

As Lousro and Ao approached the area of Lousro’s vision the sense of darkness thickened around them. A calming aura was coming from Ao, while an atmosphere of worry was emanating from Lousro.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Ao lifted a vine out of the way to let Lousro pass. “You’re more out of balance than I’ve ever sensed a Jedi.”

Lousro fluttered under the vine and waited for Ao. “I can’t shake the feeling that I’m leading us to a terrible fate.”

“Don’t say that. The evil I sense is old and seems weak. Be calm, master.”

Lousro nodded. “Wise words, young padawan.”

A strange tree seemed to push the swamp away from it in the distance. The ground beneath Ao’s feet solidified causing him to momentarily lose his footing, bending over at the waist. He didn’t fall, but something flew over his head and struck Lousro’s wing. Glancing up Ao saw his master fall to the ground, roll a few times, and disappear into a hole. “Master!”

– – –

Lousro tumbled into darkness both literal and figurative. The pressure of the Darkside felt familiar. This texture of the Darkside was different than the Sith, however, it was more feral and untethered. Lousro had never met anyone from the Sith council when he was an Acolyte, which felt like a lifetime ago, but he imagined even they didn’t have as feral an aura.

“Ao, can you hear me?”

“Yes, master! Are you okay?” Ao’s tentacled head came into view, his black eyes reflecting more light than the cave possessed. “Should I join you?”

“No, I see a way out. Wait there for me and practice a skill you feel is your weakest. I will be but a moment.”

Ao nodded, and his head disappeared from view.

“I assume he’s going to use his training saber. I’ve only taught him how to use it as a meditation tool.” Lousro mumbled to himself. “Now to go up those stairs over there.”

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