Rebuilding Brangmar – Part 1

Four people fell from a portal onto the ground in front of a stone pillar. For one, a human female in a t-shirt that had a dragon on it and jeans with a bag labeled dice hanging from them, the pillar had English written on it. For another, a human male in leather armor with a short sword and a shield, the pillar had Armenian on it. When the third looked at the pillar, a man who seemed to breathe ice wearing leather pants and a leather sleeveless shirt holding a hammer and chisel, the pillar was covered in Nordic runes. For the last, an anthropomorphic salamander wearing scholarly robes and holding a thick tome that he appeared to have been reading, the pillar was written in Nevish runes. They were all drawn to read the entirety of the pillar.

Welcome, Realm Travelers, to the realm of Domhan. You may be wondering how you are able to read this considering we from this realm speak and write in a different language from yours, Gaelic. The simple answer, if you are not from the realm of Earth, is this text is enchanted.

If you are from the realm of Earth and do not already know, magic is real. It has been hidden from you all your life by a society of warlocks, vampires, werewolves, and non-magical humans. This magic is hidden because of a magical event that removed all non-human sentient races from earth…but I digress.

If you are reading this you have found yourself transported to my sanctum beneath the city of Brangmar, my greatest achievement on Domhan. After the invasion of the Keridashi, more commonly known as Otherworlders, during which I was able to help all the races band together to fight off the threat. I wanted all the races to live in harmony. This worked for a long time, the city prospered and racism was almost unheard of in the walls of the city.

Now, however, a new threat has come to this realm. The city has fallen to an invasion of monstrous creatures. That is why I have brought you here. You are one of the chosen. My last spell has called you to protect this land. Confront these strange creatures, forge an alliance among the races of the realm, and restore this city to its former glory.

I only ask you one thing. Include the Keridashi in this new Brangmar. These many years since the invasion I have learned that they fled their realm when it collided with another and was destroyed. The realm it had impacted was not destroyed, but they have many problems of their own. Now go, discover what you are, and what you can be.

After reading the pillar the four Realm Travelers turned to each other and all tried speaking in their own tongues. None of them could get across what they were saying.

“Well,” said the girl in the dragon-emblazoned t-shirt, “this isn’t any good. We really need a bard right about now…and where is Domhan? And why do I feel so calm? I was just pulled from RPG night into God knows where and I’m not freaking out…must be another enchantment. I’m just talking to myself. They don’t understand a word I’m saying.”

After realizing that nobody could understand anyone else the anthropomorphic salamander turned to his tome and flipped rapidly through the pages. “Ah, I’ve found it,” he said in a guttural tongue. “Now I need a few of the spell components lying around this sanctum and I can make us understand each other…for a while at least.” He started gathering spell components from tables and benches.

The man in the leather armor fell to his knees and started praying to Nane, the goddess of war. He had been in the midst of a battle when he was pulled onto Domhan.

The humanoid whos breath was filled with ice crystals saw the craftsmanship of the stone walls and pillars and was soon studying every aspect of them. Lost in the thought of how this might be done without the means of magic, as it soon became clear that it was not cut by hand.

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