Story Descriptions – Sci-Fi/Fantasy

These are descriptions of my Fantasy setting I’ve been calling Nevrelocke Universe. These are original stories inspired by playing role-playing games like D&D and HARP that take place in a setting that I’ve come up with. On the surface, these stories don’t seem to have any connection but they all take place in a single timeline in locations that are connected to each other.

When I started writing Terra Incognita I had the idea that all of Earth’s mythological creatures (and Orcs, who were actually invented by JRR Tolkien) lived after Earth was cleansed of all non-human sentient creatures. Since then I have expanded upon the setting (South Reaches) and come to the idea that when this terrible purge happened the material plane split into many realms. All the realms other than Earth have the D&D 5e playable races from the PHB (Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Humans, Dragonborn, Gnomes, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Orcs by extension of Half-Orcs, and Tieflings). This is why there are dwarves and orcs in what I have decided is the realm of Domhan, which is Gaelic for “world” and has deities based off of the Celtic mythos.

Cerdic the Usual is actually set on modern-day earth in the UK, but there is magic. There is a council of people who protect the “usual” people from the dangers of this magical world. The council is made up of elected individuals from warlock bloodlines that survived various witch hunts. werewolves, vampires, and those few “usuals” that know about the magical world. This takes place around the time of Rebuilding Brangmar and Iaceo. I’m taking a short break from this title as I need to sort out what exactly I want to do with it.

Rebuilding Brangmar pulls four adventurers from four different realms. Earth, Midgard, Yerkir, and Nevre. Nevre is a realm that I created a while ago as a setting, earth is the Cerdic the Usual/Iaceo earth, Midgard is Celtic, and Yerkir is Armenian. I tried to pull races specific to the realm where possible, but Armenian myth really only has humans so I ended up with two humans. The other two are a Salaman from Nevre and a Frost Giant (or Jotuun) from Midgard. I plan on focusing on the differences in culture and the difficulty of communication without a common language.

Iaceo takes place on earth at the same time as Cerdic the Usual, but it takes place in the USA. This is currently on hold, but I hope to revisit it later. The premise is that a highschooler discovers that warlocks aren’t the only magical beings, and becomes friends with two vampires and a werewolf.

Fractured Mountains takes place on Nevre and takes place at a similar time as Iaceo and  Cerdic the Usual and is currently on ice. I hope to revisit it in the future. There are two siblings who will end up going on two drastically different story arcs.

World of Souls is set in a future where the realms are combined into one and technology has advanced to faster than light travel. I have recently returned to working on this story and will be using it in the gap opened by putting Cerdic the Usual on hold.

Return to Space or The Crash takes place before World of Souls and shows what Nevre became after the mending of the realms and how the races and gods of Nevre joined the rest of the galaxy. This realm was originally populated by Warlockes from earth via realm portals.

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