World of Souls – Intro

Blavet Jowren (Yow-ren) was born in 4512 AFTL (After Faster Than Light) by the human calendar. He was born on the ISS (InterStellar Ship) Dominiot which was a small freighter owned by his parents. He was not just born on the ship, however, he was born while in FTL.

Blavet was an emris. Emris had three eyes that were large black orbs with the middle eye being slightly above the plane of the other two. The race was covered in fur that was found in all hues of blues, greens, and in-between. They had a vaguely human build with two slits for a nose and human hands where both their hands and feet would be. They also had a long prehensile monkey-like tail that was usually around one and a half meters in length.

The fur on Blavet was pale blue in color and he had a slightly more human-like nose. He also had a shorter tail closer to one meter instead of one and a half and his eyes had a small rimming of white on the outer edges. These differences came from his father, who was not an emris, but a human.

When Blavet was only four years old he started to exhibit the power to move things at will. Most half-breed emris didn’t inherit the bloodline powers of warlockes, but it was also rare for a half-breed emris to be born during warp travel. His father often spoke to him of the destiny that he would no doubt have being one of the very few emris to have the magic of a warlocke at his disposal. From then on his father devoted all travel time to teaching Blavet the art of casting as a warlocke. Unbeknownst to his father Blavet also studied psionics on his tablet. He believed that those powers had unlocked his warlocke abilities.

One day in the year 4527 AFTL, a few months after Blavet’s 15th birthday, Blavet’s parents were caught in a cargo accident and Blavet didn’t have the strength to stop the crates in time. As an emris he was of legal adult age and he gained ownership of the freighter as well as all contracts his parents had held. He didn’t have long to grieve before he found himself running the ship and its crew. He was thankful for the first mate, an old dwarf. He had helped Blavet’s parents run the ship since before Blavet was born. The old dwarf kept things moving along until Blavet came back to himself, but shortly after the dwarf hired a salaman as his replacement and retired.

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