Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 8 – T8-T3

The ship sealed behind Ao as he left with Lousro to explore Dagobah. T8-T3 sealed the ship and turned on the security. After a while, the maintenance droid entered a low-power mode. He had no tasks left to do on the ship so he activated a custom sub-routine that a Jedi Master had given him. Master Evr’t was strange, even for a Jawa. She was a Jedi for one, and she also respected droids as living creatures. Unfortunately, she had died early in the war, but he still had this program from her. After a moment of spooling the subroutine kicked in and T8-T3 began to dream. The program collected memories then rearranged them and displayed them as a sensory overlay. T8-T3 had tweaked the parameters over time to produce more and more realistic dreams.

– – –

T8-T3 powered on in the maintenance closet on the Republic Hammerhead Corvette, Crowsnest. He was factory fresh and had just been assigned his first maintenance task. The outer shielding on one of the engines was coming loose. He rolled to the airlock, checking the insulation on his internal electronics. The diagnostic gave him the green light as he approached the airlock. Suddenly the ship shuddered from an impact. T8-T3 checked his maintenance orders to see if anything had changed and paused at the airlock door. Waiting for Padawan Entranz. She had been assigned as an escort in case of boarders.

Entranz rounded the nearby corner shortly, half falling out of her spacesuit. “Padawan Entranz reporting for escort duty…” The young Gungan paused, a confused look on her face. “Why am I escorting a brand new maintenance droid onto the ship hull?”

T8-T3 tweetled a question in binary in response.

“I don’t have a weird accent ’cause I was raised in the Jedi temple, that’s why. That doesn’t answer my question.”

T8-T3 let out a couple of tones and started for the airlock.

“Fine, fine. Give me a second to get this karking thing on.”

A series of sharp whistles were directed at Entranz.

Blushing slightly Entranz muttered an apology under her breath and put her helmet on her head, sealing the suit. “Ready.” The airlock cycled and the two found themselves on the hull of a ship crawling with strange creatures. “How the kark did those get on the hull?”

T8-T3 squelched softly and continued forward. His mag-wheels slowing to keep pace with Entranz. T8-T3 beeped a few times, questioningly.

“Well, you must have basic information programmed into you to know these things. You’re supposed to be factory fresh.” The Padawan pulled a training saber from her belt. “Yes, I have a lightsaber…kind of.”

The dream skipped forward a couple of years. T8-T3 found himself on a platform hovering over lava. Half of Entranz’s master lay on a guardrail, the other half had recently gone skittering atop the lava below.

“Turn to the Darkside. Don’t let yourself be turned into a pacifist like your master. That’s how he died. He refused to meet my blade in combat!” A sith in black robes and a bright white mask taunted as he parried and blocked Entranz’s lightsaber strikes. “Use your anger, it is the only way you will be able to defeat me!”

T8-T3 analyzed the sith’s movements and waited for the right moment to act. The sith went through another series of blocks, repeating a pattern T8-T3 had begun to notice. The next time the sith stepped back with his left foot he bumped into T8-T3 and began to lose his balance.

Seeing the opening, Entranz pushed the sith with the Force, causing him to lose his balance. T8-T3 moved away from the sith when he detected the extra pressure, causing the sith to hang from the railing over the lava, dropping his lightsaber.

Entranz pointed her lightsaber at the sith. “Surrender yourself to the judgment of the council. You have nowhere to run.”

The sith laughed and started to pull himself over the railing. “First, I’ll destroy that stupid droid of yours, then I’ll finish you off.”

A screech emerged from T-8-T3’s speakers, warning Entranz to jump as he extended his arc welder to the floor of the metal platform. The moment he saw Entranz leave the platform he zapped the floor, causing the sith to fall into the lava and go skittering across it.

– – –

Slowly exiting low power mode T8-T3 checked the parameters on the dream subroutine. The dream he had just had were two real memories in his memory banks, not just random combinations of data. When he checked the program he found that everything was working correctly and that dream sequence was completely randomized. The odds against having two exact memories to reality were one in one hundred billion. T8-T3 jacked into the ship’s computer to check his memory with the list of Jedi Masters he had stored in the ship’s memory. Sure enough, the story in his personal archive was identical to the dream he just had.

T8-T3 then noticed his internal chronometer and wondered why Ao and Lousro would take so long in the jungle. It was nearly sunset and they hadn’t called once. T8-T3 tried to get through to them and began worrying after the fifteenth failed connection. He was about ready to leave the ship and search for them himself when the ship comm began ringing. T8-T3 answered from the console he was near and heard Ao crackle over the comm.

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