Darth Teslief – Pt. 10

[Note: This is my 100th post! I’m not doing anything special for this post, so enjoy your regularly scheduled story.]

Rushing down the corridors Evran began to notice some strange behavior from the crew. They seemed to be moving sluggishly, almost unable to get out of the way of the Sith rushing to battle stations. Evran dropped battle meditation on the four Sith so they could communicate telepathically.

What’s going on? We’re not moving faster with the Force, so why is the crew so slow? Seveth asked, using her cat-like reflexes to dodge between two crew members.

I am, Teslief answered, and you subconsciously matched me it seems. Though the crew is moving sluggishly because gravity has increased. Can you feel it?

The three acolytes paused for a moment before continuing their run.

I do now, Greel answered, but what’s causing that? It’s not in the same direction as our gravity generators, it’s in the direction of the creature.

Wait, Seveth said, suddenly realizing something. Is the creature creating more gravity? If it is, the fighter screens are going to be in trouble.

It pulled us out of hyperspace with something similar to an interdiction field. I think it’s safe to say it has the ability. Teslief paused a moment to jump over a crew member and dodge into the fighter bay. I also think it can’t make gravity strong enough to pull a fighter down without putting too much force on its crew if not itself.

If nothing else it’s going to make maneuvering harder. Easier to accidentally divebomb the ship. I suppose that’s why it’s a fighter screen instead of an assault. Evran jumped into a fighter that was recently assigned to him. I can’t keep this up in long-range so you’ll lose battle meditation if you have to break formation.

Fair enough. Preflight check complete. Launching fighter. Teslief launched her fighter, taking a moment to adjust the gravity compensator and started toward a hole in the fighter screen large enough to fit her and her new apprentices.

– – –

Captain Varik watched as the four Sith fighters filled a gap in the fighter screen. “Is the Perforator launching its fighter screen yet?”

“Yessir,” a technician answered, “they’re just forming up now, but enemy fighters have been launched from the giant creature. One group is moving to disrupt their fighter screen before it has formed, and the other is heading for weak points in our fighter screen. It would be too difficult to coordinate a firing hole and still be able to target the incoming ships, so we are assigning a patrol.”

“Send Darth Teslief and the acolytes the assignment. I won’t hear the end of it if they don’t get any action.”

“Very well sir. Sending out the assignment now.”

– – –

A message hissed over the comms of the four Sith. “You are assigned to patrol. Enemy fighters are attempting to take advantage of weak spots in our screen. Good luck.”

“Good, Erebor won’t have to explain why someone else got assigned to splat patrol. Form up.”

Is there a reason we aren’t using telepathy? Evran asked.

No, old habits, Teslief replied. I don’t see you forming up yet.

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