The gods of Nevre: The Warrior – Before

Kemp waved at his brother. His brother waved back, or did he? Kemp was lying in bed trying to remember if he had seen his brother wave back or if his brother hadn’t seen him waving. He chose to remember his brother waving back as he left for border duty. A border duty that he had never returned from. Continue reading

World of Souls Chapter 2: Exploration Not for Its Own Sake

“Well, that wasn’t a complete waste of time at least.” Elinog sighed as he fiddled with the tech he was installing in the Dominiot’s cargo hold. “We have wide coordinates that encompass enough uncharted systems that it would take an earth year to survey. And that’s if we’re lucky.” There was an acrid smell as Elinog cried out in surprise. “I thought I told you to turn off the power to this section!”

Allie looked at the switch bay she was leaning next to. “It is off. The problem might be the switch bay if you’ve got power.”

Blavet sighed. “I told you it wasn’t the flux buffer. Now the new one is shorted and the old one can’t go in until we fix the switch bay.” He turned the conversation back to the start. “So, I’ve been looking into it and we can get paid for every planet we survey in sector N1XZW. There’s some old spacer stories about misfortune befalling anyone who goes there. Anyone who has been assigned that sector was suddenly transferred to another sector within a week.” Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Jester – Before

Being a jester isn’t a terrible profession, the man thought to himself. I can lose my name and my past and just be the funny man I am. Sounds like a great vocation.

The jester sat down after his most recent performance. He was tired and sore, but he had entertained the crowd. That was what he wanted in life. The first time he performed it was to lose his name and his history when he put on the clothes. He had been confronted with that past at one point, and those he thought he had wronged thanked him for what he’d done for them.

“You did cause a fire that destroyed the house, but you also helped save our children and helped us start over. The others in our village hate you still so I wouldn’t go back there if I were you, but you actually turned my life around. I have become a better man since. I thank you for that.”

The words often played through his head. Along with the parting words from the man.

“My fate was redirected to a better place thanks to you.” Continue reading

Terra Incognita – Ch. 6

Huddled together at the mouth of the cave Lourek and Lukren kept glancing over their shoulders. They were supposed to watch for the orc that was undoubtedly trying to find them in the whiteout, but they were preoccupied with how Helena was doing.

“Ember, fetch the herbs from my component pouch.” Sorley turned to talk to the dwarves. “Pack a handful of snow into a tight ball for me and bring it here, please.”

Lukren swiftly gathered some snow together and pressed it into a ball then gingerly tossed it to Sorley. “Catch.”

Sorley caught the snowball and pressed it into the wound left by the spear.

“Gah!” Helena screamed as she awoke from passing out. “That stings!” Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Wanderer – Before

Doran was ostracized from his home village shortly after he learned to talk. He was taken in by a stranger that became his father. One day his father left and never returned. Doran had a big argument with himself and one of him ended up burning down the hut where he lived. Doran had two personalities, and they often argued with each other aloud. Continue reading

Fractured Mountains – Ch. 4

[Note: Chapters 1-3 are in the archives under “Fractured Mountains”.]

Draveth was about to take his first step out of Galta in years, and knew he wouldn’t be returning soon. It was a strange feeling to leave the village, but it wasn’t overwhelming. He was stepping from somewhere that he knew everyone and everyone knew him and into a world full of strangers. His mind started wandering to memories of the kindness of people in the village. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Scholar – Before

Irfan had always loved learning new things. The first time he visited the city library in Veltar, the capital of Ertval, he was in love. He couldn’t afford the fees to enter the scholar’s section of the library but was able to read many works in the very small public section. One day a scholar approached him while he was reading.

“Excuse me, are you Irfan?” The man asked, hovering over Irfan’s shoulder to see what he was reading. “Ah, one of Alan Zwest’s works. A study of plant cross-pollination. Are you interested in plants?”

Finishing his paragraph and putting a piece of wood on the scroll to mark his place Irfan looked up at the scholar. “No, I’ve just already read every history scroll in this section of the library. Thought I’d expand a little.” Continue reading

Darth Teslief – Pt. 11

The four Sith peeled off from the fighter screen and turned to engage a group of six enemy fighters.

I’m going in. Evran did a quick corkscrew and shot blaster fire at the nearest fighter. He expected to get laser fire in return. Instead, he saw small meteor-like projectiles covered in something similar to fire, which was impossible. When it struck his shields it broke through. It skittered across his hull and then smashed into his port engine before bouncing off into space. Kriff! Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The King – Before

Emyr was chief advisor to king Rajendra Icepeak of Ertval. He was making plans to secretly strengthen the army of Ertval. He did this in secret because the king was set in he attempts at peace between Zendikar and Aliaz. One of these days his peace talks would go bad and Ertval would be invaded. This was inevitable and he had tried to tell the king so before, but he wouldn’t listen. Continue reading