The gods of Nevre: The King – Before

Emyr was chief advisor to king Rajendra Icepeak of Ertval. He was making plans to secretly strengthen the army of Ertval. He did this in secret because the king was set in he attempts at peace between Zendikar and Aliaz. One of these days his peace talks would go bad and Ertval would be invaded. This was inevitable and he had tried to tell the king so before, but he wouldn’t listen.

– – –

“Zdenko, you have something to show me?”

A man with magnifying glasses on top of his slowly balding head bowed slightly to Emyr. “Yes, but it would be best to show you outside. Frevren mixed this up, so it’s quite volatile.”

Emyr smiled, showing his perfect teeth. “Good, so the prototype is complete?”

“Yes, shall we?”

Motioning toward the door Emyr said, “after you.”

Zdenko carefully placed a circular device in a padded satchel. “It still needs some integrity work, but is otherwise ready.”

“The chemicals won’t mix randomly, will they?” Emyr’s concern was clear on his face.

“No, no. I’ve got that part under control. It’s the internal mechanisms for breaking the vials that are easily broken. I need to find a smith who can work on small, hard metals.”

“Good, don’t want to blast a hole in the castle wall.”

“I don’t think Freren made it that strong, but who knows. He loves his explosions.”

– – –

They were outside shortly in a frozen field just outside the palace walls.

“This field won’t be used until summer, but you know that. I’ll just go place this in the center and activate it.”

Emyr nodded. “Very well.” He watched as Zdenko placed the object and pulled a leaf-shaped piece out of the top. Then he walked swiftly back to Emyr.

“Should go off any se-” he was cut off by a large explosion that flung ice shards in every direction. “Get down!” He tackled Emyr and a large shard of ice passed through where he was standing moments before. “Well, that was much large of an explosion than I asked for.”

Shoving lightly Emyr pushed Zdenko off of him. “Yes, this will do nicely. Tell Frevren that he should tone down the mix a little, and I’ll get Avron in touch with you. He’s good at intricate metalworking.”

“Thank you, m’lord.”

“No m’lord. I’m not royalty, just an advisor.”


“That’s better.”

– – –

Emyr approached Amir as they entered the castle. “So, how goes the project,” he asked in hushed tones. “Going well, I expect?”

“Yes, but Taika has been assigned elsewhere.” Amir motioned at Taika who started towards them. “I understand why, but it will set us back a little.”

Nodding at Emyr and giving Amir a slight curtsey Taika injected herself into the hushed conversation. “Sorry about the reassignment, but it couldn’t be helped. Even if I could give a legitimate reason I wouldn’t. That girl in the ice spire needs help and I may be able to help.”

Amir nodded. “That’s okay. You chose the right thing. Let’s join the ceremony. It’s going to start shortly and we’re part of the main attraction.”

Emyr and Taika nodded as the three of them turned toward the throne room.

– – –

Emyr took his place between Amir and Irfan for the ceremony. The ceremony involved the king, Rajendra, the prince, Amir, the king’s advisor, Emyr, the king’s scholar, Irfan, and the king’s sorceress, Taika, holding the five pieces of the gem of Nevre. Legends told of when the gem was broken into pieces it was to prevent the strong magics from infecting the world. Rajendra had taken it upon himself to gather the stones together in order to combat strange magics that had begun to crop up on Nevre. The frozen girl being the most recent of these events there were many cropping up in the distant lands of Aliaz and Zentar as well.

Having already given a speech, the king placed his section of the gem on a table made especially for this event. “My son, place your stone next to mine.”

Amir stepped forward and placed his stone clockwise from his father’s and stepped back again. “My father’s advisor, place your stone next to mine.”

Emyr stepped forward and placed his stone next to Amir’s. He stared at them for a moment before stepping back. “Irfan, chief scholar of the king, place your stone next to mine.”

The chief scholar stepped forward and placed his stone next to Irfan’s. Then he pulled out a sketchbook and swiftly roughed out the scene. He stepped back. “Taika, the king’s chief magic user, step forward and place the last stone, releasing magic back into this land.”

The whole company watched in silence as Taika stepped forward and placed the last piece of the gem in its slot. Everyone waited and silence filled the room. After a minute Taika broke the silence, “is that it? I thought there would be a flash or-”

An explosion rocked the castle. When the dust settled nearly three-quarters of the people who had been in the room were gone.

Emyr rushed to the king and motioned to Amir to go. He could tell he was concerned for the men working beneath the castle. As he approached the king to make sure he was fine a strange thought entered his mind. The king is weak. I should reveal his cowardice and rule as his reagent. Pushing the idea aside for later thought he helped the king back to his feet.

“M’lord, are you injured?”

“I’m fine Emyr. Where has my son gone?”

“He’s checking on his men. He left me to take care of you.”

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