The gods of Nevre: The Jester – Before

Being a jester isn’t a terrible profession, the man thought to himself. I can lose my name and my past and just be the funny man I am. Sounds like a great vocation.

The jester sat down after his most recent performance. He was tired and sore, but he had entertained the crowd. That was what he wanted in life. The first time he performed it was to lose his name and his history when he put on the clothes. He had been confronted with that past at one point, and those he thought he had wronged thanked him for what he’d done for them.

“You did cause a fire that destroyed the house, but you also helped save our children and helped us start over. The others in our village hate you still so I wouldn’t go back there if I were you, but you actually turned my life around. I have become a better man since. I thank you for that.”

The words often played through his head. Along with the parting words from the man.

“My fate was redirected to a better place thanks to you.” Continue reading