Rebuilding Brangmar – Pt. 4

Carefully climbing the slope of a downed spire Aram took point and Throbor took the rear. If anything appeared in front the warrior would catch it, and if anyone were to slip the jotuun would catch them.

Aram made it to the surface and looked around. All seemed clear and he gave a caution sign. Then he also gave the clear sign. Cautiously he pulled himself onto a stable part of the cobbled road and helped Erin up. He nodded to her and turned to survey the area more thoroughly as she helped Tribst up.

Walking to a mostly intact building Aram glanced inside. If he could read Gaelic he would have noticed it was an adventurer’s outfitting shop before looking, but after looking he started to add things to his pack to fill in the gaps. Then he started separating everything into piles in order to finish everyone else’s packs.

It wasn’t until he finished that he came to a realization. If this stuff hadn’t been looted there must be something keeping everyone away. He hurriedly collected the piled gear and rejoined his companions.

Tribst saw Aram enter a dilapidated building and disappear for a few moments before hurriedly exiting with a bundle of items. “Wait, if he found supplies there must be something keeping looters away. Erin, watch out for an attack.”

Erin turned and got Throbor’s attention, then made the sign for stay alert.

Throbor nodded and began scanning the nearby ruins for trouble. He let out a long, low whistle to signify danger and grabbed his chiseling hammer from his belt. He pointed towards a blue outlined pack of dogs approaching at a run from a nearby alley.

Hearing the whistle Aram dropped the items and looked where Throbor was pointing. He began running at the four dogs to intercept them. While he was running he pulled out his short sword and buckler, ready to bash into the lead dog.

Tribst wasted no time pulling out his spellbook and flipping to a well-worn page. He passed the book to his lower set of arms and began reading and moving his upper arms in an erratic pattern. Then he brought his hands together, unleashing three bolts of energy that crashed into the first dog, the dog seemed unphased as it continued forward.

Taking that as her cue Erin put her pan flute to her mouth and played a bolstering tune on it. As she did so she saw Throbor stand a little straighter, like a weight had left his shoulders. He glanced back and winked at her.

Turning back to face the dogs Throbor charged forward and struck the lead dog in the jaw, dislocating it. Then he pulled his chisel and tried to pierce another dog through the skull with it, but missed and lost his balance. He fell to the ground, surrounded by slavering dogs.

Two of the dogs halted in their run to claw at Throbor before continuing forward, their aura of blue light was more intense than before. Throbor felt as though he hadn’t eaten for a week and couldn’t find the strength to stand up.

Seeing Throbor go down Aram increased his speed and crashed heavily into the lead dog, breaking its neck. He then turned and jabbed at the next dog, stopping it in its tracks.

Tribst turned to another page in the weathered tome and started reading aloud again. At the end of the incantation, he pointed at one of the two dogs that had attacked Throbor and a white line of energy shot from his bulbous fingertip. The dog seemed to slow down and the blue glow dimmed back to its original brightness. “Something’s up. That aura got brighter when they attacked Throbor and weaker when they got hit. The dead one’s aura is completely faded…and it’s turning into a pile of blue ash.” He motioned toward the dog that was already mostly ash.

“Weird. Well, I guess I’ll try attacking now. Let me see.” Erin thought for a moment, then stepped to the side, trying to angle her attack so that it wouldn’t hit Aram. “Thunderstruck!” She sang out, in key for once. A wave of thunder blasted from her hands that were held out palms forward and thumbs together. The energy blasted out in a cone and knocked two of the dogs to the ground, but they instantly stood back up. The dog that had a brighter blue aura wasn’t knocked down, but the aura’s glow had returned to its original vibrancy. Unfortunately, there was no way to not hit Throbor with the spell because he was in the midst of the strange dogs

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