Darth Teslief – Pt. 12

The two replacement fighters exited the hanger on the Impaler. As they did so Seveth and Greel saw Teslief’s personal fighter heading for the fighter bay. They could tell she was flying line of sight by the jerky reorientation to the hanger. Just behind Teslief was Evran’s fighter with multiple scorch marks and running one engine.

Seveth fired up her comms. “Are we clear to go reengage, Darth Teslief?”

“You’re clear, but leave some for us.”

– – –

“Battle assessment!” Admiral Verik was strapped into a flight chair. The enemy’s use of large projectiles was much more jarring than any space fight he had been in before.

One of the officers at a console responded. “Captain…I mean Admiral, the fighter screens are picking off most of the projectiles before they reach us and the Perforator. However, quite a few of our fighters are also engaged with enemy craft. I recommend one of the ships fall into the other’s shadow so we can tighten up the screen. However, it will turn this fight that much more defensive. Your call.”

“As far as I see it finding time to take out those fighters is the best way to deal with it. Tell the Perforator to pull back into our shadow.” Verik pulled up the feed to Grant Kleev’s office. “Has Dr. Kleev found any more useful information for us?” Dr. Kleev and his assistant appeared to be rummaging through a pile of folders. Why in the galaxy would he keep his research on physical media?

“Negative. I believe he’s still searching through his archive for anything else on the creatures.”

Erebor undid his restraints, stood, and turned to head toward the turbolift. “I’m going to help him look. Let him know I’m on my way. Comm me if anything major changes.”


– – –

Grant Kleev and Darci were frantically searching through folder after folder. The untouched folders were neatly stacked, but the searched, irrelevant folders were strewn across the floor. Darci set down a folder and leaned against the door for a breather right when Admiral Verik opened it. The motion of the door coincided with a collision of a projectile and sent her falling past the Admiral and into the corridor.

“Sorry, bad timing.” Erabor offered her his hand. “How’s the search going?”

The bothan took the offered hand and stood up. “Well, it’s a little slow at the moment.” She rushed over to Dr. Kleev’s desk and grabbed a folder that was the only one sitting on it. “This is the only file we’ve found so far. It’s the one with the information Dr. Kleev gave you before.”

Erabor took the offered file and thumbed through it. “Yes, it’s called a worldship, it’s a living organism, and it appears to have been bioengineered. It also references file 3557-b as folding more information on the creatures.” Erabor looked at the shelf the files had been on. “So, he didn’t have the files organized so you have to check every file?”

The bothan sighed. “Yes, I’ve tried organizing it over the time we’ve been on the ship, but it only lasts a few days before he starts shoving files in randomly. It’s a miracle he even references other files in the first place.”

“Well, let’s get to work then. What pile can I start looking through?”

Darci looked surprised, her big ears twitching. “Uh, that one over there, but shouldn’t you be on the bridge?”

Leaning down and picking up the stack the Admiral started sifting through the files. “They know where I am if they need me. Besides, this intel could mean the difference between winning and losing this fight.”

“Well, you heard him, Darci. Get back to work please.” Dr. Kleev grabbed another stack of files and started looking through them. “We have no time to lose.”

Darci practically jumped out of her fur when Grant spoke up. He had been so quiet she had forgotten he was there. “Yes, Doctor.”

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