Rebuilding Brangmar – Pt. 5

Throbor’s head was a little fuzzy after taking some of the damage from Erin’s attack. Carefully getting to a standing position Throbor caught the attention of the strange dogs again. The three of them turned to face him. The fourth, which seemed to have been the leader, was turning into a pile of blue ash. Throbor lashed out with his hammer, hitting one of the dogs atop the head. When he went to make another attack he realized that his chisel wasn’t in his hand. “Shit.” Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Balance – Before

The job of a traveling judge is a difficult one in Zentar. Especially for a salaman. All the non-human races in this country were minorities. Even in Aliaz it wouldn’t be any better for salamen. The elves themselves weren’t racist, but the other races were. Any race, such as the salamen the skravyn and the zarx, who had originated in the Dark Under were subject to the scorn of the other races. This made the job of being a judge even more difficult.

Between Rentaz and Dregton there was a little-known town in the Northern Highlands between the Helen River and Dulz Thicket. The path that ran from the river to the town didn’t deserve the title of road. Somewhere along the second half of the journey Bremvan ran straight into an elf as she materialized in front of him. Continue reading

Lousro on Dagobah – Pt. 11

T8-T3 knew that Ao wouldn’t notice if Lousro was gone for a long period of time so he set an alarm on his internal chronometer. Once two standard hours went by he would call Lousro’s comm to try to get his whereabouts.

Sure enough, Ao didn’t notice the time but was most of the way through reassembling the ramp when the alarm went off in T8-T3’s head. T8-T3 decided to wait until the ramp was finished before alerting Ao. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Calculating – Before

In Gormaliev’s early life she loved to travel between the realms to cause chaos and bend the fates of those she visited into pretzels. She always knew just what change to make to send people off on strange adventures that would lead to the realm split asunder by war. When the fey mess with mortals the mortals really have no say in the matter. This phase lasted well into her second century. Continue reading

World of Souls Chapter 3: An Alien World

The landing craft was filled with portable equipment for the short journey down to the surface of the planet. The whole crew came down for the landing, the shipboard navigation was keeping the ship in orbit and the rarely used astrogation bot was sitting at the controls in case of an autopilot failure.

“Hey, guys. Is the nav light supposed to blink purple when in orbit?” A metallic voice chimed over the landing craft speakers. “I may need an update but I don’t know how long that will take.” Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Sneak – Before

Taithleach was always great at getting into places that she wasn’t supposed to. She was also really good at taking things that she wasn’t supposed to. At first, this was limited to helping fellow urchins in Rentaz, the capital of Zentar. Eventually, in order to get more money and set herself and her friends up with a better lifestyle, she started to take on more and more shady jobs.

One day, in her early teens, she was tasked with taking someone down. The payout was ten times the amount that she made from taking documents and other sensitive information and that made the offer irresistible. Continue reading

Terra Incognita – Chapter 7

There was a rumble from the back of the cave, and a dark mist rolled from it. “Oh, crap.” Lourek’s voice echoed into the cave. “What’s worse? The orcs, or an area that Darkfall is pushing through?” As he finished speaking a thick smell of death reached everyone’s noses. “Also, I can’t close the door now it’s open. The lever was rotten and now it’s disintegrated.”

Lukren, Sorley, and Ember stared in Lourek’s direction. Then the stench of Darkfall wafted over them again and they almost lost their lunches.

“The hell is that smell?” Helena looked around the room weakly. “Can’t a girl faint in peace?” Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Sorceress – Before

Taika mixed two chemicals together to produce a flame. Frevren was watching her from the other side of the table with a furrowed brow. As an alchemist, Frevren knew that the two chemicals would not produce flame, but this was the mixture that Taika claimed to have used in her act. They were taken from his own shelves from this very wagon, so he knew for sure what was in the bottles.

“Well,” Frevren asked, “when does the-” He was cut short as flames started dancing over the liquid. Concerned Fevren grabbed the two bottles and a bowl and did the same. Nothing happened. “Well, I don’t know what you did, but it wasn’t alchemy.” Continue reading