The gods of Nevre: The Calculating – Before

In Gormaliev’s early life she loved to travel between the realms to cause chaos and bend the fates of those she visited into pretzels. She always knew just what change to make to send people off on strange adventures that would lead to the realm split asunder by war. When the fey mess with mortals the mortals really have no say in the matter. This phase lasted well into her second century.

After her youthful prance through the realms brought her to Darkfall she met the spirits of those she had indirectly killed. Many more of them were children then she thought would be. As she was contemplating how much destruction she had brought to the realms a dark presence manifested behind her. An ancient evil intent on possessing her.

Once Gormaliev detected the presence it was close enough to her mind that she could feel it was more ancient than even the Feylands. Scared of something so ancient Gormaliev leaped back to her home. It had been at least a century since she had visited the Feylands and upon returning she wondered why she had ever left.

For the next three centuries or so Gormaliev lived in peace among her people. Then the formation of a new realm caught her attention. This realm would eventually come to be known as Earth.

Gormaliev didn’t know why at first, but when Earth appeared from the nether between the realms she was instantly aware of it. It wasn’t until man popped into existence that she knew what was drawing her there.

– – –

A man watched as a wizard drew lightning from the sky and blasted a wyrm with it. He envied the power that such a man had. “I would give anything to have powers such as those.” He said in awe. “Anything.”

“Oh, you would give anything to gain power, would you?” Gormaliev asked.

The man turned and pulled a dagger, prepared to defend himself. Once he saw Gormaliev’s face he lowered the dagger. “Wh- who are you, beautiful lady?”

“One who can grant you the power you crave.” Gormaliev made a purplish blue flame appear in her palm.

The man took a few steps back. He looked her up and down, noticing for the first time her pointed ears. “What are you? You aren’t human.”

Gormaliev smiled a most beautiful smile. “No, I’m not, but I can offer you the power you desire…for a small price.”

“What is the price?”

“Your line will forever be tied to me.”

The man paced a few times. “Would that mean that my line would have these powers?”


“What does tying my line to you entail?”

Gormaliev chuckled. “Are you sure you don’t want to be a law writer? Being tied to me means that your line will be the defenders of the realm. They will find themselves moved to stop evil and defend the people. In return, I will protect them from the many dangers of the realms. There is a catch, of course. If any of your line ever betrays me your line will suffer for as long as they exist.”

“I would be a wizard, then?” The man stood straighter, thinking of the things he could accomplish. No thought of the possible suffering of his descendants could staunch his desire.

“No, you would be a warlocke. The difference will not be noticed by the common folk, but wizards and sorcerers will know you for what you are. Powerful.”

The man smiled. “So, how do I accept. Is it by blood pact or something?”

“You need only shake my hand and say ‘I accept, Gormaliev the Calculating’.” Gormaliev held out her hand.

Reaching out with a trembling hand the man grasped hers and shook. “I accept, Gormaliev the Calculating.” He felt power instantly rush into him.

Gormaliev released his hand as power suffused the man. “Look at me, Aelfson.”

The man looked into her eyes. “Aelfson?”

“That is now the name of your line.”

“Hmm, Sorley Aelfson. I like it.”

Hearing the name Sorley Aelfson sent Gormaliev into a vision of the future. Another Sorley Aelfson would be present on a realm called Brangmar after a great rending of Earth. This would only be possible with her intervention. If she did not intervene that Sorley Aelfson would be sent to Darkfall and become overcome by the evil she had felt there. He would become the destroyer of realms.

When the vision ended Gormaliev found herself in a simple bed under a thatch roof. “Sorley, are you there?”

A sun-browned woman rushed into the small room. “Oh, you’re finally awake. You’ve been sleeping for hours.”

“Where am I?”

“Sorley brought you here after you collapsed. He’s out in the field with our son.”

“Well, thank him for me. I must be going.”

“Is what he said true? Have you given him power?”

Gormaliev smiled at the woman. “Him and his line. Maybe you should go check on them before they blow something up.”

Just then the ground shook, and while the woman was distracted Gormaliev left Earth and returned to the Feyland.

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