The gods of Nevre: The Balance – Before

The job of a traveling judge is a difficult one in Zentar. Especially for a salaman. All the non-human races in this country were minorities. Even in Aliaz it wouldn’t be any better for salamen. The elves themselves weren’t racist, but the other races were. Any race, such as the salamen the skravyn and the zarx, who had originated in the Dark Under were subject to the scorn of the other races. This made the job of being a judge even more difficult.

Between Rentaz and Dregton there was a little-known town in the Northern Highlands between the Helen River and Dulz Thicket. The path that ran from the river to the town didn’t deserve the title of road. Somewhere along the second half of the journey Bremvan ran straight into an elf as she materialized in front of him. Continue reading