Rebuilding Brangmar – Pt. 5

Throbor’s head was a little fuzzy after taking some of the damage from Erin’s attack. Carefully getting to a standing position Throbor caught the attention of the strange dogs again. The three of them turned to face him. The fourth, which seemed to have been the leader, was turning into a pile of blue ash. Throbor lashed out with his hammer, hitting one of the dogs atop the head. When he went to make another attack he realized that his chisel wasn’t in his hand. “Shit.”

Two of the dogs launched themselves at Throbor. One of them was a bit wobbly on its feet and went wide. The other hit him full on, knocking him back onto the ground. Its aura grew slightly brighter. The third dog turned back to look at Aram, who was the next closest combatant and leapt at him. The attack connected with Aram’s shield, hurting his arm but otherwise doing nothing.

In retaliation, Aram slashed at the dog’s front legs. With the pain fresh in his shield arm he was only able to deal a glancing blow. The blue aura on the dog dimmed slightly.

Seeing Throbor falling to the ground for the second time in the same battle had Tribst worried. Flipping to a section of the tome in his hand that appeared to have less wear than the rest he cast a weak healing spell, healing a few of the bite and claw marks that the jotuun had suffered. “He should feel a little better now. You should heal if you can, Erin.”

Knowing Tribst had the right idea Erin glanced at Aram who didn’t seem to have any injuries beyond a bruised shield arm. Seeing that he was well Erin ran forward, dodging past two of the dogs. She picked up Throbor’s chisel and handed it to him then she put a hand on his shoulder. She spoke out in a melodic voice. “Stand with me, friend. We shall fight together.” She knew Throbor couldn’t understand her words, but they weren’t meant to be understood; they were meant to trigger the healing spell.

The hand that Erin had placed on Throbor’s shoulder gave him some strength. He felt as though he hadn’t taken as much damage as he surely had. He gripped the chisel and hammer tightly in his bluish fists. He turned and brought the hammer down hard on the dog that had missed him, crushing its skull. Then he went up to the dog that had hit him and jabbed the chisel into its side.

Throbor didn’t seem to have hit any major organs because the dog immediately leapt at him. It sunk its teeth into his arm and while it didn’t look any healthier the aura around it grew a little brighter.

The dog that was facing Aram turned to see the large jotuun standing again and it too attacked Throbor. Instead of leaping, however, it simply sunk its teeth into Throbor’s thigh, causing him to cry out.

A shield clanged as it hit the ground. Aram stood in a different, less defensive stance than before. He gripped his sword in both hands and swung strongly at the dog that had bitten into Throbor’s arm. He sliced through a large portion of the dog’s side and also cut off one of its legs. “You’ll have a hard time jumping now!” Anger was clearly audible in his voice. “Nobody attacks my companions and gets away with it!”

Tribst put his tome away. This fight was too close quarters for most of his spells. He pulled a dagger from its sheath and closed in on the fight. Seeing an opportunity to strike he stabbed at the dog that Aram had just slashed, driving the blade into its flank. Apparently, it was hovering at the edge of death because the blow was enough to kill it. “And stay down!”

“Well, I don’t know any good close-quarter spells…I think.” Erin thought for a moment then stopped herself. “Right. No time to find out. Throbor!”

Throbor turned to face Erin. She motioned to the chisel. He frowned, then seemed to decide it would be better for her to be armed and handed it to her.

Taking the chisel in hand Erin stalked up to the last dog and swung with all her strength. She ended up missing and almost fell forward onto the dog. She was able to stop her momentum at the last moment but still ended up falling. Thankfully she fell back instead of onto the dog. That wouldn’t have ended well.

Shaking his head slightly Throbor swung his hammer at the dog but he only landed a glancing blow.

The dog looked panicked. It was surrounded by four creatures and its companions were all dead. It turned and tried to run. As it did so Aram, Throbor, and Tribst swung at it. They weren’t willing to chance running into it again later. They never found out who actually killed the dog, but it was dead.

Throbor sat down hard on the ground. His wounds had started to catch up to him. On a whim, he scooped up a handful of the Blue Ash and rubbed it into one of his wounds. As he rubbed the ash into the wound he felt the wound close up and heal.

“What is he doing?” Tribst asked nobody in particular.

“Don’t ask me. I have no idea.” Erin watched, perplexed.

“Wait, is that wound closing?”

Erin peered closely at the wound that Throbor was rubbing the Blue Ash into. “It is.”

Throbor scooped up another handful of Blue Ash and started taking care of the rest of his wounds. When he finished he scooped as much of it as would fit into one of his pouches.

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