Darth Teslief – Pt. 13

When Darth Teslief got out of her fighter, she noticed the dock workers were in full-blown panic mode. “What the druk is going on?” She grabbed the nearest dock worker with the Force and held him in front of her. “Why is everyone running around like a gizka with its eyes burnt out?”

“We’re retrofitting some of the fighters in storage. Apparently, Admiral Verik found a way to take out the ship. I don’t know what it is. I just know we’re giving the ships double armor and are heavily modifying the cockpits.”

Teslief threw him at the nearest group of workers who softened his fall. She then keyed on her comm and pinged the bridge. “Admiral Verik, we need to talk.”

– – –

“It’s a suicide mission. Why would I have asked a Sith Lord to do it? It would look like I’m trying to kill you.” Erebor Verik sat at the desk in his quarters with Teslief leaning over him. Evran was standing in the corner, trying to look uninterested and failing. “You want to go yourself and take the acolytes with you? Go ahead. I can’t stop you.”

“You sound like you want to, though.” Teslief stood straight in front of the desk. It was somehow more intimidating than when she was leaning over it. “Don’t worry. We will spar again when I return from this mission, Echani.”

Erebor sighed. “Very well, Darth Teslief. I’ll send word to the other acolytes that they will be joining you in this endeavor.”

– – –

“Hey, we’re being called back.”

“Let’s mop up this group and turn back. Any idea what they’re thinking, Seveth?”

“Nah, the admiral just said Teslief has new orders for us. Watch your flank, Greel!” Seveth flipped over Greel’s fighter and shot off a few laser bolts at an incoming fighter causing it to veer off. “Let’s head back now. The fighter screens aren’t under as much pressure as before.”

“Right. Swinging around.”

– – –

Teslief started to pace in the briefing room. The admiral was present. He had no pressing duties on the bridge now that he had named an acting captain. The battle had reached a stalemate.

“So, what exactly did you find in that file of Dr. Klev’s?” Evran asked. “I assume that’s what this mission stems from?”

Erebor stared at the Miraluka for a moment. “Can you read a datapad? I don’t really know anything about your species.”

“Yes, kind of. It’s difficult to explain.”

“Here.” Erebor tossed him a datapad which he easily caught. “This has the document on it. I had his assistant type it up.”

Evran scanned the datapad. “All this says is the only known instance of the destruction of a world ship is when a fighter crashed through the center. He made a conclusion that this is either the command cluster or its brain. It looks like he believes a high-grade explosive could work the same as a crash if it is placed near enough to that area.” Evran shook his head and handed the datapad back to Erebor. “Well, I don’t know how easy it’s going to be to infiltrate the interior of this ship, but I guess that’s our best option.”

“We’re going to do what?” Seveth and Greel were standing in the doorway. “Greel and I get called in here to go infiltrate the interior of that ship?”

Greel smiled broadly. “Sounds dangerous. When do we go?”

“What is wrong with you people?”

“Ah, don’t get your whiskers in a bunch. This’ll be fun.”

Teslief stopped pacing and all side conversation ground to a halt. “We’re going. I’ll brief you on the way.” She brushed past the two acolytes at the door. “The ships are in the maintenance bay. Follow me.”

– – –

Four heavily modified fighters launched from the repair bay. The metal shielding causing them to fly well below standard speeds.

“Don’t get going too fast out here. It’s slow to speed up, slow to maneuver, and especially slow to decelerate. The added mass isn’t the only problem. If you do get blown up your explosives go too.”

“Activating battle med.” Evran dropped battle meditation. Everyone, here?


We’re here.

Darth Teslief chimed in. Alright. Wide formation. Like I said if you go the bomb goes. Don’t want to be wiped out by a weakling’s mistakes.

Roger roger.

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