The gods of Nevre: The Vicious – Before

Ellain nodded at Kemp. They Approached the hovel from different angles, swords held at the ready. Kemp kicked the door open and tossed a small, apple-sized device into the room. There was a small explosion and smoke filled the room.

Ellain moved to the side to cover the window on the hovel. If they were smart they would try to exit the building by an unexpected route. If they chose to stay in the hovel it was only a matter of time before the smoke started to choke them.

A crashing sound came from the window and a shape appeared, jumping through it. Ellain held her sword in front of the window, blocking the path. The blow knocked the wind out of the man and almost knocked the sword out of her hand.

“Gah!” The man’s breathing was shallow. “They’re padded, but they’re still metal Ellain!”

“This is a war exercise. If you can’t handle it get out, Aaron.”

“I can handle war. It’s you I can’t handle.”

“Good answer.”

Kemp and Dorve came around from the door side of the building. Dorve was bound with rope at the wrists. “Well, I guess we win then.”

– – –

Prince Amir was waiting for Spec Ops Gamma in the room behind the throne room. He had his men gather up a few of his more outlandish weapons and he had them on display. Mixed among the outlandish weaponry were more common swords and bows.

Spec Ops Gamma filtered into the room at the meeting time. The prince smiled as they entered. Gamma saluted then stood at attention.

“At ease. And at casual. You’re choosing weapon specializations today.” Amir motioned at the weapon racks. “You have your choice of anything in this room.” This motion with the phrase was a small trick. Any weapon in the room was available. Even the sword at the prince’s side. Most didn’t think about that, but this time Kemp walked up to the prince.

“Any weapon is available?” The rest of Gamma was looking through the weapons. Ellain stopped at a wicked sword with spikes along one side and a razor edge along the other.

“Yes,” he gestured at the racks again. “Any weapon.”

“I’ll have your sword then.”

The room went silent.

Ellain looked at Kemp with wide eyes. They were paired as foot soldiers, but she didn’t see this coming. Asking…no demanding for the prince’s sword was out of character for him.

The prince laughed, breaking the tense silence. “Yes, this sword.” The prince removed the scabbard from his belt and handed it to Kemp. “This is no ordinary sword. It may look normal, but it will guide your hand in battle.” The prince waited for Kemp to take the sword then walked to the racks. “Now, I will choose a new weapon for myself. It’s been a long time since someone took my weapon…”

– – –

Ellain stood at the side entrance to the prince’s castle. The gem ceremony was taking place within and she wished that she could watch it. It’d give her more action than standing out here, staring at the empty field of snow. Dorve and Aaron were keeping watch at the front gate. They were all dressed as regular guards, but anyone who saw their stance or looked at their weapons, other than Kemp’s, would realize they were anything but the usual guards. Ellain was considering checking with Dorve and Aaron when a blast rocked the ground and knocked her off her feet.

Quickly recovering Ellain noticed that the door she was guarding had been covered with rubble. She turned and ran for the front gate. When she arrived she saw a woman lying on the ground, passed out. Dorve and Aaron were nowhere to be seen. She picked up the woman to take her in out of the cold.

Ellain saw Kemp run around the castle. He had obviously come around to look for Dorve and Aaron as well.

“What happened?” Kemp motioned at the orange-skinned woman in Ellain’s arms but the question was more general than that.

“I found her in the rubble out front.” Ellain paused as she opened an intact side entrance. “As far as that explosion, it came from inside.”

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