The gods of Nevre: The Goof – After

[No specific details are included. Use your imagination if you must.]

Alaia stood at the foot of a statue of herself. The statue was wearing hardly anything, and it had a wine bottle in one hand. On the plaque was two words. The Goof. Of all the titles she could have gotten as a goddess The Goof was not one she had expected. Sighing Alaia walked into the temple. There were no benches or chairs in the temple, only large pillow-like mattresses. She smiled and sat on one of them. That was more like it.

Some whispers echoed from the back of the temple.

“Is that who I think it is?”

“It can’t be.”

“What do we do?”

“Offer her the wines and a selection of our best temple maidens…and men.”


“She’s the goddess of parties and debauchery. What did you expect?”

A short while after the whispering stopped a young man in priest’s robes approached Alaia. He was holding a large bottle of wine in his hands. “M’lady. It would honor us if you would except a bottle from our wine stores.”

Alaia looked the man up and down. “Why don’t you stay with me while one of your friends sounds the party horn. We’re going to shake the foundations of this town tonight.”

“But it’s early morning.”

“Don’t question The Goof. Just do as she does…PARTY!” She grabbed the wine from the man and uncorked it. She then poured it on her head and his. “Whoops. I guess we’ll have to clean each other up now.”

– – –

The next day everyone in the town awoke with hangovers. Nobody could remember the specifics of the night before except that it was amazing. The children had no memory of any party for which the adults were grateful because the memories they did have were not ones that any child should remember.

In the temple, Alaia was still drinking and partying. She wasn’t sure how many men or women she had that night or the amount of wine she had drunk, but she was still having the time of her life. When she realized the party horn hadn’t been blown since the sun rose she went to it herself and sounded another tone. The party went on for a week. Other towns soon outlawed the use of party horns, but each Goof temple from that day forward had one hidden in the basement in case The Goof decided to grace herself with her presence.

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