The gods of Nevre: The King – After

Emyr sat on the king’s throne for nearly two hundred years. In that time he demolished the armies of both Zentar and Aliaz. Once he accomplished this he dismantled the army of Ertval. There was to be no occupation or territory grab. This was the end of Zentar and Aliaz at each other’s throats with knives. A tentative peace was created, but if he remained on the throne everything that he had accomplished would break. He was The King, but an immortal king was not good for a country if it was to grow.

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SoS Podcast Episode 4: Dungeons and Dhampir

Intro music: Cataclysmic Molten Core by Jingle Punks
Intro voice: Michael Connelly

In this episode, we talk about dungeons because I have been working on one for South Reaches. As is the nature of talking about dungeons we talked about design, monsters, loot, and mechanics. We also come up with an interesting theory about the symbiotic relationship between the dungeon and its dragon (or other powerful creature). Of course the topic then derails and we start talking about Dhampir and Vampires and Werewolves.

Mentions in this episode:

  • Jaquaying the Dungeon (article on
  • Steven Lumpkin (@silent0siris on twitter)
  • Critical Role (YouTube)
  • Matthew Colville (YouTube)
  • Dice For Brains (
  • Acquisitions Incorporated (
  • Vampire Hunter D (anime film)
  • Underworld (film series)
  • Blade (film)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series)

The gods of Nevre: The Wanderer – After

Doran was finally freed from his own mind. He knelt in relief and looked at his hands. His hands were young again. He looked around and saw the ruin of a castle. He remembered being near a castle when he was trapped in his mind. He started to move toward the castle. Continue reading

Rebuilding Brangmar – Pt. 6

Tribst, the salaman, walked over to Throbor who was scooping up some Blue Ash and pulled out a few pouches from his small pack. He began to scoop up some of the ash as well.

Erin watched for a moment then turned to Aram. He was also watching them scoop up the ash. She grunted to get his attention then pointed at the discarded adventuring materials he had dropped. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Justice/The Vengeance – After

[Excerpt from Fractured Mountains Chapter 7. This s a spoiler warning for an unpublished chapter!]

She quickly dressed, doing her best to keep silent, and snuck out of the room. Burner didn’t wake up when she left and she saw the door to Dreekt’s and Gaemacirch’s room close. The only thought she had in her head was the justice and vengeance that she needed to fulfill. Her role in the pantheon of gods in Nevre was reawakened and she now thought of herself as The Justice and remembered that some had called her The Vengeance. Continue reading

Lousro on Dagobah – Pt. 12

Lousro was heading in the direction the ship should be. He was making slow progress. Toydarians were made to fly, not walk. He grumbled under his breath about slow healing wings and reached out through the Force to try to sense Ao again. To his annoyance, the only thing that came calling was the Dark Side. Pulling away from the connection before he was tempted to fall into old habits he continued on his way. Continue reading