RPG Corner, Character Creation – FFG Star Wars: Zala the Gungan Jedi

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I decided that I wanted a recurring nemesis for a Star Wars campaign and then I thought, why not a Gungan?

I built Zala using the Inquisitor rules in Force and Destiny and I did not give her any Darkside powers as the campaign is an evil one. Unfortunately, the campaign ended up being a one-shot so she never appeared.

Zala, Jedi Master

Zala is a Gungan Jedi Master. She has tried to tell the Jedi council that she senses an increase in power of the Darkside, but they don’t believe her. Since then she has seen them in a vision but knows the council will not believe her. She is searching for them with her padawan, Eli Falt.

Br-3, Ag-3, Int-3, Cun-5, Will-4, Pr-2

Derived Stats
Soak-5, Wounds-13, Strain-14, Defense w/o Lightsaber-1/1, Defense w/Lightsaber-2/1

Brawl(Br)-2, Computers(Int)-2, Knowledge Skills(Int)-3, Lightsaber(Cun)-4, Melee(Br)-3, Perception(Cun)-4, Skulduggery(Cun)-3, Streetwise(Cun)-3, Survival(Cun)-2, Vigilance(Cun)-2


Can breathe underwater and speed is not reduced because of water.

Force Rating

Parry 4
May suffer 3 strain in order to reduce damage by 6 from a melee or lightsaber attack.

Reflect 4
May suffer 3 strain in order to reduce damage by 6 from a ranged attack. Must be wielding a melee or lightsaber weapon.

Lightsaber Mastery, Cunning
May use cunning instead of Brawn for Lightsaber checks

Force Power, Move
May spend a Force pip to move one silhouette 0 object within short range to another location within short range. She may spend a Force pip to increase the range of the power by one band, spend a Force pip to increase the silhouette of the object she can move by 1, and spend a Force pip to increase the number of objects she moves at one time by 2 (she may activate all of these upgrades multiple times). Finally, she may hurl objects at opponents by making a Force power check and rolling a ranged attack as part of the pool. The attack’s difficulty is equal to the silhouette of the object being thrown instead of the normal difficulty for ranged attacks, and only succeeds if the user can also spend enough Force pips to move the object. The attack deals damage equal to the silhouette of the object times ten (silhouette 0 objects deal 5 damage) plus one per Dark Force Pip. If she wants to throw multiple objects, she must generate enough Force pips to move multiple objects and must use the rules for Auto-fire to determine difficulty and targeting.


Zala always has the following equipment:

Lightsaber – Lightsaber, Damage 6, Critical 2, Engaged, Breach 1, Cumbersome 3, Defensive 1, Sunder

Armored Robes – soak +2, defense +1


She also has the following pet always nearby, it often rides on her head:

Lesser Bogwing

Br-1, Ag-3, Int-1, Cun-2, Will-1, Pr-1

Derived Stats
Soak-1, Wounds-2, Defense-0/2

Group Skills

Claws – Brawl, Damage 3, Critical 6, Engaged

Fly – this creature can fly

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