Rebuilding Brangmar – Pt. 6

Tribst, the salaman, walked over to Throbor who was scooping up some Blue Ash and pulled out a few pouches from his small pack. He began to scoop up some of the ash as well.

Erin watched for a moment then turned to Aram. He was also watching them scoop up the ash. She grunted to get his attention then pointed at the discarded adventuring materials he had dropped.

Nodding Aram turned to gather up the supplies along with Erin. When they came back there was no Blue Ash left on the ground. They passed out the supplies and then Tribst started a language ritual again. This time Erin helped, having an idea of how it was set up.

– – –

“We really need to figure out how to deal with this language issue.” Aram shook his head. “Tribst and Erin can talk and we did fine this time, but we need a more permanent solution. Hand signals can do only so much.”

Throbor nodded. “I agree. Maybe if we knew the gods in this realm one of them would bestow a common language upon us.” He shook his head. “As long as they aren’t like the Aesir we should be fine.”

“Yeah. Don’t the Aesir hate giants? Especially Thor?” Erin asked, remembering her Norse lore.

“How do you know about the Aesir? I thought you were from another realm.” Throbor looked at her questioningly.

Erin shrugged. “It’s mythology where I come from. No one believed it.” She thought back to the first thing they saw when they found themselves on Domhan. “What language was that pillar actually written in?”

The salaman licked one of his large eyes with his long tongue. “Hmm…I think it was in Gaelic.” Tribst realized that the others were staring at his tongue and stopped. “Sorry. Not weird for Salamen, but I can tell you think it’s weird. I’ll try not to do that.”

“Gaelic you say…hmm…what Tuatha De Danann deals with language?” Erin sat on a bit of rubble as she tried to remember.

“The who de what?” Aram stared at Erin. “None of the gods I know of go by that.”

“Oghma! God of speech and writing.” Erin smiled, glad that she could remember something so obscure. Then she remembered she was gifted bardic powers and realized she had cast a spell subconsciously. “Anyway,” the smile lessened on her face, “I think I know how to contact him. We need to show a great feat of strength.” She looked at Throbor.

“What?” Throbor sighed then shrugged. “Well, I guess I am the strongest among us. What should I do?”

Thinking to the knowledge that she had of Oghma, Erin looked for the biggest piece of debris she could find. “Here.” She pointed at a large piece of rubble roughly the same size as her. “Think you can throw that?”

“I can try.” He walked over to the large stone and lifted with all his might. The stone slowly lifted off the ground. “Now I throw it as far as I can?” He grunted through gritted teeth.


“Okay.” The jotuun threw the rock as hard as he could. He was expecting it to go maybe a meter before falling back to the ground. He surprised himself as it flew from his grasp and landed in the side of a fallen tower. “How was that?”

“Impressive.” A gruff voice said from behind the group. “You have my attention.”

Erin turned and saw a muscular human wearing a scholarly robe. “Uh, how long have you been here?”

“Since you called out my name. Not many call upon the gods these days, at least not out in the open.” Oghma sat down on a nearby piece of rubble. “So, what can a god of speech and writing do for you?”

Throbor addressed the god. “We want a more permanent solution to talking with each other. We currently have to go through a ritual and that only lasts a few minutes. Can you help us?”

“Ah, strong of body and well spoken. Usually, they don’t go hand in hand. Especially with giants.” He looked at Throbor again. “I suppose you aren’t the same type of giant I’m used to though. Yes, I will grant you all knowledge of Gaelic.” Oghma paused and tilted his head to the side. “I sense the magics of Sorley Aelfson about you. He must’ve called you here.”

“Someone called us here. Who is this Sorley Aelfson?” Aram asked. “Also, does each realm have its own set of gods?”

“I cannot answer the second question because I do not know of all realms. As for the first, he will reveal himself to you if he chooses. He has lived long through magical means, but I fear he will not last much longer.” With that Oghma disappeared.

“Well, if he did what he said he did then we don’t need to use a ritual anymore. Let’s get moving.” Throbor lifted his pack, which somehow felt lighter, and started walking for the nearest dilapidated city wall. Tribst and Aram followed behind.

Erin looked at the remaining pile of weapons from the adventurer shop and grabbed a short bow and a longsword. “These will come in handy.” Then she rushed after the group, ready for whatever comes next.

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