Darth Teslief – Pt. 14 Finale

Four heavily armored ships crashed through the hull of the world ship. Several slaves died in the sudden decompression along with a few Yuuzhan Vong that were unlucky enough to be nearby.

From the four fighters, four spacesuits emerged. Each form was carrying a satchel with displays.

Battle meditation is holding.

Teslief felt the pull of gravity draw her towards the center of the ship-creature. The gravity came in waves. It was almost like the creature was writhing in pain, but the actual skin of the creature wasn’t reacting. Well, this is new.

Seveth, Greel, and Evran also felt the pull of gravity.

Well, if we let the gravity pull us toward the center that’ll work. Just cut holes all the way to the center? Seveth pulled out her lightsaber. Unless it’s resistant like the swords of the creatures we fought on the hull of the Impaler.

Greel pulled out his lightsaber. Only one way to find out. He activated the crimson blade and used a burst of air to launch himself closer to the ‘floor’. Shall I?

Go ahead. Darth Teslief watched as Greel’s guard shoto’s blade came into contact with the creature’s hull. The blade slowly began to burn through.

It works but it’s slow. It may be faster just to split up and find our own ways.

Agreed. Choose a direction. Remember, the center will be down.

Yes, ma’am.

Teslief floated to a wall and slowly walked along it. The gravity was too low for fast movement here, it would set her on a course out of the hull. Once she was within an undamaged corridor she started Force leaping down the hall in a zigzag pattern.

Guys, I’m going to drop battle meditation. I can’t keep this range up and still focus on the task. Evran’s message sounded distant.

Just drop it. Stay focused. Teslief smiled to herself. She set down the dummy explosives satchel and activated her lightsaber. It was time to wreak some havoc on the Yuuzhan Vong to let the apprentices do the boring mission. She wanted blood.

– – –

Evran, Seveth, and Greel had an easy time making it to the center of the ship. They kept seeing Yuuzhan Vong heading in the opposite direction.

Evran noticed Seveth and Greel before they noticed him. He reactivated battle meditation, startling them.

Calm down. It’s just me.

Seveth looked in his direction and waved slightly. Glad to see you joined the party. Where’s Darth Teslief?

I think she’s the distraction everyone’s been running toward. Greel motioned towards the unguarded corridors. This place was swarming when I got here.

What are we waiting for then? Evran walked towards the tunnel that surely lead to the control room. Let’s set charges.

The acolytes set all three satchels on the ground in the same place. So, if we set them to trigger together then the three here should blow a sizable chunk out of the hull. Seveth motioned at the satchels. I have no programming expertise, do you guys?

Evran and Greel shook their heads.

Let’s set the timers to the same time and get the kriff out. Greel reached down and started keying in a countdown on his satchel. Three standard minutes. I’ll send a message to Darth Teslief to get herself into space before then.

The other two acolytes set their timers while he sent a brief text to Darth Teslief’s suit. When he was done they all started their countdowns and launched themselves towards the outer hull.

– – –

Teslief kept Force leaping through the corridors, a trail of dead warriors and technicians in her wake. A small message notification popped up on her helmet’s hud.

“You have three minutes,” it read. “We have set the charges. -Greel”

Maybe I was too good of a distraction, she thought to herself. That was fast.

Seeing a corridor leading upward towards the outer hull Teslief launched upward and away from an oncoming group of Yuuzhan Vong.

– – –

“Admiral on the bridge!”

“Stay at stations. Any signal from Teslief or the acolytes?” Erebor Verik asked, taking up position next to the acting captain.

“Sir, there are three suits transmitting from outside the hull. The fourth is approaching the hull now.”

“Good. Any information from the three satchels?”

The acting captain handed him a datapad.

“Timers are synched and they’re positioned next to each other. Only a few seconds remaining. I hope that last sign makes it out in time.”

A blinding explosion emanated from the world ship. The viewscreen polarized instantly then depolarized just as quickly. There were no cascading explosions.

“What are the fighters doing?” Erebor faced the tactical officer.

The tactical officer punched a few buttons on her console. “Sir, they are doing suicide runs. It seems they don’t want to be taken alive.”

“Tell the fighters to mop them up. We need to get to the siege around Dantooine.”


He turned back to the acting captain. “Any sign of those suit signatures?”

The acting captain motioned to a readout in front of him. “All four accounted for. I’ll send out a shuttle for them once the battle settles down.”

“Don’t bother. I’m taking one now.” Erebor walked off the bridge, heading for the shuttle bay.


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