The gods of Nevre: The King – After

Emyr sat on the king’s throne for nearly two hundred years. In that time he demolished the armies of both Zentar and Aliaz. Once he accomplished this he dismantled the army of Ertval. There was to be no occupation or territory grab. This was the end of Zentar and Aliaz at each other’s throats with knives. A tentative peace was created, but if he remained on the throne everything that he had accomplished would break. He was The King, but an immortal king was not good for a country if it was to grow.

– – –

“Do you know the whereabouts of The Coward?” The King stood in a temple that had a statue with the likeness of Rajendra out front.

A priest rushed to The King. “I’m sorry, m’lord what did you ask?” The man was clearly scared.

Emyr shook his head slightly. “Do you know where The Coward is? I need to speak with him.”

“N-no, but I can g-get our head priest. H-he m-might.”

“Fetch him then.”

The priest scampered off a little too quickly, almost tripping over his robe.


A few moments later another priest appeared in more regal regalia. He seemed a little calmer, but only just. “You wish to find The Coward, m’lord?”

The King sat down on a stiff bench. “Yes, if you know where he is please tell me. If you don’t then tell me who might.”

– – –

Emyr knocked on a door attached to a building in the middle of the woods. If Rajendra wasn’t here he had nowhere else to look. As he stood, waiting for a response he heard the back door to the hovel open.

“Rajendra! It’s me, Emyr! Don’t run, coward. I only wish to speak!”

The back door shut and there was a rustling within the hovel. The front door opened slowly. Once The Coward realized it was indeed The King he opened the door wide. “Greeting usurper. I guess if you want an audience then the worst thing you can do is wound me…please don’t.”

“That depends on how sore you are. Do you know of any of your line that’s fit for the throne?”

The Coward stared at Emyr, shock on his face. “You’re stepping down? After these centuries?”

“Yes, I have subdued Aliaz and Zentar. That’s why I took the throne if you remember.”

“I’ll get you in touch with Amir. He’d have a better idea than me.” Rajendra walked back into his hovel. “You can come in if you want. Just need to find that letter.”

The sound of falling pots and pans coupled with a few curses were audible in the house. “I think I’ll just wait out here.”

A few moments passed at which point The Coward emerged from his hovel brandishing a letter. “Ah, here we are.” He skimmed the letter quickly. “He was headed for the southern continent. If you want to contact him talk to what he calls his voice in a temple in Rentaz.” The Coward looked back at The King. I wouldn’t go there if I were you. They would try to torture and kill you.”

“That’s why you’re called The Coward. You don’t take any risks.” Emyr turned away from Rajendra. “I’ll go find this voice of my godson then.”

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