The gods of Nevre: The Warrior – After

Kemp stood on a battlefield covered with the blood of humans and skravyn. This war would later be known as the first skravyn-human war. The Warrior planned to stand on the side of the humans, being one himself, until he heard the human king order the army to kill the women and children.

“They are not people. They are animals. Slaughter them like animals!”

A righteous fury burned brightly in Kemp at that statement. He had never felt such fury before. In his rage he acted for The Vengeance. He walked calmly up to the king. Nobody stopped him. Maybe they recognized him, maybe they saw the great anger on his face. He wasn’t sure, but Kemp always remembered the look of the young prince’s face as he killed his father in front of him.

– – –

Kemp stood standing on the battlefield, the humans were still fighting the skravyn, but they were fighting a more defensive war now. Without their king, there was no killing those unable to fight.

From behind The Warrior, a lone man approached. He was in full armor and the helmet was closed. “The Warrior! I challenge you to a duel! The first to blood wins.”

Amused Kemp turned to face the challenger. “You sound young. Are you even in your teens?”

“Does it matter? Do you have no honor whatsoever?”

Sighing, The Warrior donned his own helmet. “Very well. Let us fight.”

At first, Kemp played with his opponent. He parried at the last moment and studied his footwork. Then, suddenly, the sword of his opponent moved in to strike at his armpit where the armor was thin. The warrior spun away quickly, surprised at the movement. He saw as the man approached again that he was filled with rage. “Rage makes you unpredictable, but it also blinds you to your opponents. I know all too well how blinding it can be.”

“Yes, you do. You will pay for that!” The young man threw a flurry of blows at The Warrior who was barely able to fend them off. “You seem to falter at the mention of your flaws.”

Murmuring a word under his breath Kemp began to fight with his full prowess. No more toying with this boy. It was time to teach him a lesson.

– – –

The sun had been high when The Warrior had accepted the duel, and now the sun was setting.

“Do you wish for this duel to go on forever?” The voice of the boy revealed his fatigue. “We can rest for the night if you need it.”

“No, I don’t need it, but a crowd has started to gather around us. Perhaps we should end this.” He lunged forward, planning to nick the boy’s shoulder and end the fight.

His opponent dodged to the side, as if he was waiting for this the whole battle. He caught the back of Kemp’s leg as he went by. “There, to the blood. I have fought well for my father.” He pulled his helmet off, revealing him to be the former prince, now the king.

Kemp nodded at the sixteen-year-old boy, a trickle of blood flowing from his. “King, you have done what very few can. You have bested The Warrior in a fair duel. You may ask one thing of me and I will do it for you.”

“I ask for you to exchange swords.” The prince held out his own sword. “As a reminder of how a true warrior acts…with honor.”

The swords exchanged hands. “Know this, if you ever need help in battle then say ‘snowfall’ and the sword will guide your strikes.”

“You could have used that in our battle and you didn’t?”

“I still have some honor left, boy.”

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