Rebuilding Brangmar – Pt. 7

The ritual wore off and the four adventurers found themselves able to speak Gaelic. It was strange. They knew the language as if it was their native tongue, and yet they knew they had previously had no knowledge of the language.

“So, this is weird. I have to keep myself from falling into Nordic, but I can speak this tongue as if it were the one I learned from birth.” Throbor ducked to avoid some low-hanging debris. “Are we heading out of this ruin or exploring it?”

Aram hopped over some discarded boxes with something rotting in them. “There’s nothing more to do here. Let’s move on. I don’t want to run into more of those Teblats…oh, that’s what they’re called.”

With a small nod Erin voiced her suggestion, “we should camp here in the ruins for the night then venture out tomorrow. We can find shelter here, I don’t know about out there.”

Tribst plucked a flower from one of the ruined walls and put it in his pack. “I agree. There’s no point in going partway through the day. We should exit in the morning.” He started to send his tongue up to lick his eye and stopped himself, rubbing the eye instead. “Though I think we should find a way out today if we can.”

“Yes, that’s a good plan. Are we agreed?” Throbor asked.

There was a collective affirmative.

– – –

During Throbor’s watch he noticed something in the city. At first he couldn’t make them out in the near darkness, but then he realized they were flying snakes. Five of them. He kept an eye on them as they passed overhead, seeming to head out of the city. He looked around a listened to see if something was approaching. He didn’t notice anything by the end of his watch. He went over and woke up Erin for her watch.

“Hey, your watch. I saw some flying snakes. Keep an eye out for whatever stirred them up.”

“Some what?” Erin rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. “Okay then.”

Throbor made sure she was awake, got into his bedroll, and promptly fell asleep.

“Flying snakes,” Erin mumbled to herself. “At least it’s not flaming skulls or something.”

A little into her watch a swarm of rats went scurrying by the campsite. “Oh, that’s not good.” She stayed alert the rest of her watch, but nothing else seemed to happen. At the end of the watch she woke up Aram.

“So Throbor saw a group of flying snakes heading out of the city and I saw a swarm of rats run by. Keep an eye out. Something may be coming our way.”

Aram nodded and donned his armor. “I’ll wake you if anything comes up. Tribst is next, then?”

“Yeah. I’ll see you in the morning…and hopefully not before then.” She went to her bedroll, got in and slowly fell asleep. Worried about what would happen on Aram’s watch.

Aram walked to a pile of rubble and climbed it for a better vantage point. As he did so he saw something coming from the center of the city. Straining his eyes he was able to make out winged creatures. As they got closer he realized they were heading straight for him.

Quickly dropping from the rubble Aram ran to wake up Tribst. “Hey, do you see those things?”

Blinking rapidly Tribst looked up at the flying creatures. “Gargoyles. Let’s wake the others. We have a hard fight ahead of us.” Tribst fumbled for his spell book and then shook Erin awake. “Gargoyles heading for us. Prepare yourself.”

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