Help us, Jor-val Ondelios, you’re our only hope! – Pt. 1

Kasmor Shrouder, human Jedi Knight, gripped the handle of a training saber. He was about to get in a friendly duel with another Knight. Naris was a saber master. He had felled many Yuuzhan Vong with a single strike on the last mission and this had annoyed Kasmor. Up until this point, he was the saber master on his squad. This new guy wasn’t going to show him up.

In Kasmor’s head, of course, he had many reasons why dueling this Knight was a good idea, but if he searched for his true feelings that is what they would have been.

Surrounding the combatants were two other Jedi Knights and two padawans. One of the Jedi Knights was a gungan that Kasmor didn’t know well. The other Knight was a human, Jor-val Ondelios, with whom he had trained with as a youngling and as a padawan.

The fight was very boring for the first few moves. The two saber masters were trading blows, all of them superficial or blocked. Then they began using advanced techniques.

“Where did that blade go?” Asked one of the padawans.

“Messa no know. They-sa movin’ way to-sa fast.” The gungan knight replied. “Messa nevah seen such amazo moves.”

A chill passed through the cargo hold of the ship as Naris, caught up in the heat of the match, drove the training saber’s blunted point straight through Kasmor’s chest. Surprise was visible on both combatant’s faces as Kasmor slowly fell to his knees.

Jor-val ran to Kasmor and kneeled by him. “You’ll be alright. We’ll take you to the temple when we arrive on Coruscant. The masters can heal you, I’m sure.”

“No, they can’t.” Kasmor’s whisper was barely audible. “Just swear to me that you will deal with Darth Teslief.”

“I swear it.”

“Good. I give you all my possessions, the few that they are. Use them well.” Kasmor’s eyes glazed over.

– – –

Jor-val woke up in a cold sweat in the bedroom at his cantina. The same dream came to him every night. The Force was trying to tell him something, but he wasn’t sure what. He got up, grabbed a glass of water, and checked his chrono.

“Ah, four AM. Might as well start getting ready to open. If I go back to sleep I won’t wake up on time.” Setting down the glass he put on his clothes and left his room to start polishing glasses and stocking the shelves of the cantina.

It wasn’t long before the breakfast crowd showed up, small as it was. Jor-val was used to seeing Jedi in the cantina now. They were drawn there by the presence of another Force user subconsciously. What he wasn’t prepared for was seeing Master Tyranna and Master Teslief with their padawans. Master Tyranna was the selkath master who had trained him as a padawan and Teslief was a human converted Sith lord who had recently attained the rank of master. She was Lousro’s Sith master before he became a Jedi. It seemed like his dream was foretelling her visit.

Jor-val approached the masters and bowed. “Masters, what brings you and your padawans here? Nothing’s wrong, I hope?”

“Oh, nothing’s wrong Jor-val. We’re just having a bite to eat before we leave on our mission.” Mater Tyranna’s voice sounded exactly how it had twenty years ago. “Bring the padawans the special and I’ll have a seafood platter.” She turned to Master Teslief, “what do you want, dear?”

A smile crept onto Master Teslief’s face. “We’re the same age, Tyranna. Don’t call me dear. I’ll have the mynock soup.”

Trying not to make a face Jor-val nodded. “Alright. I’ll be right back with those.”

“One more thing, Jor-val.”

Jor-val turned back at Tyranna’s voice. “Yes, master?”

“You’re going to have a visitor from your past today.” She paused. “Another one, I suppose. Listen to him. He is being led by the Force.”

“I’ll do what I can, master.”

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