The gods of Nevre: The Sneak – After

In a dark corner of The Cave in the city of Rentaz in the country on Zentar a small figure waited. He had been waiting there for hours, hidden from view, waiting for the right noble to walk by. His halfling feet hurt terribly from the positioning of the wooden ceiling supports but he didn’t so much as wince in pain. He smiled as the noble he was waiting for walked directly underneath him. He whispered a word and his amulet activated, turning him into a black mist. He dove down from the ceiling and down the noble’s throat. She struggled for air, lasting for almost a minute, before she succumbed to unconsciousness. As soon as she was unconscious the halfling deactivated the amulet and stood over the noble, drawing a dagger. He plunged the dagger into her heart and left it there. A note on the hilt read: Don’t cross The Sneak.

– – –

The Sneak smiled at the halfling. “Yes, you did well. You can keep that amulet. You may need it again.”

“Thank you, goddess. Is there anything else you require of me?” The halfling bowed deeply.

“No.” Taithleach turned and faced the back of the barren office. “The man outside will pay you. If the guild has need of you again we’ll find you.”

The halfling nodded to himself. “Very well, I will take my leave then.” He turned and started for the door. As he did so he looked to the corner of the room. “That spell works better in deep shadows.” He walked through the door, not waiting for a response.

Taithleach turned back around and smiled at the corner. “He’s right, shadow cleric. This room is too bright to meld into the shadows.”

“I think I did rather well. He almost didn’t see me.” A man in dark cleric robes, who was just barely visible, walked out of the corner and shadows dripped from him, making him completely visible. “So, do you think the duke will get the point with his niece lying dead in a corridor?”

“If not he’s an even bigger fool than I thought.”

The cleric nodded. “The thief guild is completely above board. They don’t mix members with the assassin guild. Every investigation…well I guess that the assassin guild members wouldn’t be found out if there were any…but the wrath of a goddess is not something you want to play around with.”

“Yes. That’s the problem. He’s the only one who’s trying to shut down the guild, but he does have a few good reasons. With the grey area legality and whatnot, but all the other nobles use them to steal secrets…and goods but we don’t talk about that.”

“Of course.” The cleric nodded then he looked more serious. “I hear you are going on a trip to Aliaz.”

“I am. What of it.”

“Who is going to head the guild during your absence? We need someone competent at the head of the thief guild while you’re away. Especially in these times.”

Taithleach smiled. “The Jester, for some reason, has seen fit to propose he watches over the guild while I’m away. We aren’t friends by any means, so I have no idea what his plans are. Maybe there’s someone who’s destiny will begin while I’m gone. In any case, I leave it in his hands. He knows what he’s doing, for good or ill.”

“As you will, my goddess. Though I have my reservations.”

“I would be concerned if you didn’t.” She pulled a stone from a pocket and handed it to the cleric. “If he does something stupid, message me through this.” She tossed the stone.

The cleric caught it and a whisp of shadow rose from it and dissipated. “How?”

“Speak to it and I will hear. It’s one-way only so you’ll need to take my word for it.”

“I usually do.”


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