The gods of Nevre: The Calculating – After

Gormaliev stood in the great plains in the realm of Nevre. She enjoyed visiting the realm from time to time. The salamen intrigued her greatly. She had once set one on the path to godhood. She smiled to herself and in her distraction she tripped over something.

Standing and brushing herself off Gormaliev turned to look at what she had tripped on. Sitting in the middle of the road was a small, wounded red fox pup. She reached down and picked it up. “Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there.” Gormaliev looked around. “Where is your mom, little pup?”

The fox stared up at her. The fox’s eyes showed an intelligence behind them. It shook its head, as if to say it didn’t know.

“Very well. I guess I’ll just have to look after you myself.” Gormaliev used a little of her power to heal the tiny creature. “There. Now let’s go to the Feylands. You’ll love it there.”

The fox pup licked Gormaliev’s nose.

“That tickles. Stop it.” Gormaliev made the jump to the Feylands. Once there she started a ritual to tie the fox to her as a familiar. She always wanted a pet, and this one would be tied to her even tighter than the Aelfson line was.

– – –

“Aliziyah, what are you doing?” Gormaliev looked around the clearing. “You’re trying to hide from me. That doesn’t work very well.”

The red fox walked from between two trees. Her stomach was swollen with a litter of pups. “Sorry, I just wanted some rest.”

Gormaliev smiled at Aliziyah. “Oh, well if you just told me that would be fine. There are a few warlockes I want to give your pups as familiars. Is that okay?”

Aliziyah thought for a moment. “As long as they will be cared for. I also need to ween them first.” She sat down on her side. “They should be coming any day now, I think.”

“Yes, the weening time is definitely the earliest. Your first pup will go to a Sorley in England. He has a great destiny ahead of him and some companionship would do him good.”

“Well, then they shall grow up together. You’ve mentioned him before.”

“Yes, my fox, I have. I had a vision of him longer ago than I want to think about. He will be a great force in Domhan.” Gormaliev rubbed Aliziyah’s belly gently. These pups will know the joy of friendship from the very first.”

“How emotional of you. You’re supposed to be calculating, not caring.” Aliziyah stretched out on the soft grass of the Feylands.

Gormaliev smiled. “That’s the name the people of Nevre refer to me by, The Calculating. That doesn’t mean I’m cold, that just means I calculate.”

“Keep telling yourself that.” Aliziyah fell into slumber.

“I do, every day.”

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