The gods of Nevre: The Alchemist – After

Frevren looked over the alchemist’s equipment sitting on the table in front of him. “What do you want me to do, exactly?”

The Sorceress smiled. “You really don’t remember, do you Frevren? Who you are and what you can do?” A salaman poked his head into the room and motioned at her. “Try to make that lump of lead into gold. I’ll be right back.”

“Lead into gold? I thought you were The Sorceress, not The Wanderer!” Frevren didn’t hear a reply. The Sorceress was already gone. “Lead into gold, yeah right.” He mumbled to himself.

The wall next to Frevren was covered with alchemical reagents. Nothing was labeled. He assumed that they weren’t labeled because The Sorceress already knew what everything was. “Well, time to start cataloging I guess.”

– – –

When Taika returned to the room where she had left Frevren she found that all of her drawers were labeled with what ingredient was where. Something she hadn’t needed to do since she could remember. She always knew which one to grab at any time. She hadn’t thought that it wasn’t the same for Frevren. She looked over the labels. “Oh, that’s what it’s called. ‘Snake Snout’.” She pulled a root from the drawer and looked at it. It vaguely resembled the head of a snake.

“What?” Frevren looked up from the worktable. “Oh, you’re back.” There were empty vials lying on the table and a lump of gold-colored metal.

Taika looked over the table. “Hmm, interesting choices. Yes, those would certainly work for me turning lead to gold. How did it do for you?”

Shrugging Frevren handed her a saw. “See for yourself. I assume it looks like lead not too far down.”

The saw bit into the lump of metal easily and when cut in half it revealed the entire lump was gold colored.

“Hmm. Interesting.” Taika cast a small spell on the metal. “Even more interesting.” She pulled a small booklet from her robe and jotted a note on it with a piece of sharpened charcoal. “Do you believe you made gold?”

Frevren scoffed. “No, I believe I colored lead to look like gold. If you give me a set of scales and gold that matches the volume I can prove they aren’t the same weight.”

“Oh, but it would prove you have made gold.” Taika smiled at Frevren. “Even when they don’t know who they are the gods can perform miracles.”

“What did you say? You were mumbling for that last bit.”

“Nothing, nothing. I think you could make a great mage. Would you like to study transmutation?”

“Sure, why not? I still don’t think this is gold, though.” Frevren shook his head.

A smile spread across Taika’s face. “You have access to my instruments. Test it yourself.”

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