RPG Corner: World Maps

There are a lot of programs and resources out there for creating world maps for D&D and other role-playing games, but all of my maps start before opening a program with one of two things. (1) An idea of what kind of setting I want or (2) a scrap piece of paper, a pencil, and some free time.

When you have an idea about your world the map is going to fall into a specific category. For example one of my realms in the South Reaches and Nevre setting is an island nation. Making a map for that is fairly simple in that it’s a series of islands in separate parts of the ocean. For this map, I went straight into Worldographer, which I have the free version of.

Yerkir Northern Isles

For my map of Nevre, I had some paper, a pencil, and some free time. I just scribbled out the map, labeled the continent, and named the countries. After that, I scanned the map into my computer and using Paint I sketched the map. It would have been better to do this in Gimp, a free image manipulation program, but I didn’t have it at the time. After doing that I decided what regions had what features within the countries and color-coded them.

The Continent of Yeodiax

After doing that the map stayed in this state for a long time. I was using it as a reference for a book and didn’t need anything different for it. Recently, however, I started running a game that is in Nevre so I made a version of the map using Hexographer (because the free version supports map overlay) then imported that into Worldographer.

The Continent of Yeodiax, Hex

If you look closely on both versions of the map you’ll see a continent to the east and to the south. I haven’t drawn those out yet, but because of the way I built the original map I will probably sketch them out and scan them in.

Whichever way I make a map, it’s always a fun experience. While some people love to make their own maps from scratch, like me, not everyone does. Thankfully, Worldographer has the option to generate a map within parameters. I haven’t messed with those setting very much, but the few times I have the maps have turned out nice. I don’t have any maps I use that were generated this way, but I may use some in the future.

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