The gods of Nevre: The Mimic – After

Kiawk fumbled with the pendant in his pocket. He smiled slightly at the feel of it. He had kept the pendant in his possession after becoming a god. He was waiting to either have it taken from him by Gormaliev or to give it to someone he knew would make a good god. He wasn’t sure what feeling he was waiting for, but he knew he would recognize it when he felt it.

The streets of Rentaz were crowded with people rushing to and fro. Kiawk accidentally ran into an orange cart and fell backward. “Sorry. I was distracted by my thoughts.” He started to help pick up the fallen fruit.

“No, don’t worry about it. I’ll clean it up myself.”

Kiawk tossed the orange seller a coin and took one of the oranges from the ground. “Keep the change.”

Turning back to the street Kiawk saw an automaton, one of the newer ones. He cocked his head to the side and then to the other side. Clicking his bead a few times he strode forward, weaving through the crowd to reach the automaton.

The automaton turned and looked at the skravyn. “May I help you?”

Kiawk handed the automaton the pendant and said, “Here, take this. You’ll know what to do with it when the time comes.” He then turned and walked away, disappearing from the automaton’s view.

With a look around Kiawk shunted into a side alley and popped out of Rentaz. He reappeared on a cliff overlooking the city. He often went there to think. Sitting in the spot Kiawk usually sat in was The Jester and standing behind him was The Kindness.

“Hello, Mimic. Do anything destiny related today?” The Jester smiled warmly.

Simisola nodded at Kiawk. “So, you found the recipient of the pendant. Why do you think he should have it? He was at the Fount of the Gods when it was created and it didn’t find him worthy then.”

“Such unkind words from The Kindness.” Kiawk turned and looked at the city. “You know very well that people grow and change. He may not have been ready then, but he’s not far off now.”

“Maybe,” The Jester suggested, “you saw a mimic of yourself in him. Someone who had something forced upon him and you saw a way to make his prison freedom?”

The mimic clicked his beak. “Maybe. We’ll see if I was right.”

“Yes,” The Kindness agreed, “we will.”

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