The Fractured Mountains – Ch. 11

[The Fractured Mountains will now be taking the Friday slot since The Gods of Nevre is complete.]

Burner, Dreekt, and Gaemacirch stood ready to fight back the Dark Under creatures. Burner stood with the archers on the town fortifications, her battle instrument ready. Dreekt stood at the top of the western mage tower and was in communication with the mage in the eastern tower. Gaemacirch stood with the men just inside the town fortifications. If the creatures broke through they would be the last line of defense.

Burner and Gaemacirch didn’t have enough time when they got back to Dregton to talk to Dreekt. They had given the quarterstaff to the captain of the guard, and then the defense horn sounded.

The captain didn’t want Burner on the wall, but he knew they needed everything they had and let her go.

“You, zarx, don’t transform into your animal form. I don’t know how my men would respond. Just stand and fight as you are.”

“Yes, sir.” Gaemacirch joined the ranks of the guardsmen. They were fine with him choosing to be in front, where the Dark Under creatures would be the worst.

– – –

Up on the tower Dreekt heard a voice in his head. It wasn’t the mage in the other tower, it was something else. Something he had felt in the back of his mind ever since he almost drowned in the Gigli canal in Rentaz.

Dreekt, it said, don’t forget. If you need the knowledge I have you need only ask.

“What do you mean?” Dreekt asked aloud. If he thought to the voice he might accidentally talk to the mage instead. “I know no such thing. This is the first time you’ve deigned to actually communicate with me.”

Don’t get your feathers in a fuss, boy. You’ve never needed my help before.

“And I do now?” Dreekt scoffed. “How would you know?”

You’ve never used magic in combat before. That’s how.

“Well, I’ll keep it in mind, then.”

– – –

Up on the wall Burner had a decent view of the road. The mass of creatures started out small, then more and more of them filtered out of the northern highland grasses and onto the road. The sheer number of them surprised her.

Burner immediately started setting up defensive wards as quickly as she could. Some of the archers looked at her strangely when she started rapping spells.

As the horde of creatures approached a thick snow began to fall from the sky. It was hard enough that they were approaching at night, now even those with night vision were having a hard time seeing the road.

– – –

At the top of the mage tower Dreekt was trying to hold two conversations simultaneously while keeping his sight on the Dark Under creatures.

Do you have any fire spells? The mage asked.

“Do I?” Dreekt asked the voice in his head.

The voice responded, yes. A sphere of fire.

I do, Dreekt responded to the mage. A sphere of fire.

When I tell you to, place that in the center of the road about twenty feet from the gate. The mage said. I’ll cover the ground in ice just behind the sphere so when the skittering creepers try to divide some of them will end up in the fire. After that just kill any of them any way you can.

Got it. Dreekt prepared the spell, waiting for the mage’s signal.

You know, the voice told Dreekt, we need to talk after this fight. You shouldn’t need to ask what spells I have for you. You should know what you can cast and prepare them for faster casting. I’m only here to guide your powers. They belong to you.

“Remind me after the battle.”

Will do.

A layer of ice appeared on the road, snow immediately started covering it.

Wait for them to reach that patch, then cast the spell. The mage said. I’m going to end our communication now. It’s hard to concentrate with it in effect. The presence of the communication spell left Dreekt’s mind.

The first few skittering creepers hit the ice patch. Dreekt immediately loosed the fire orb from his hands into the center of the road. The skittering creepers who were on the road tried to run around the sphere but slipped on the ice and slid into it. A few more were caught in the trap before they started running around the icy patch.

Dreekt started to cast other spells, keeping the fire sphere up. It was melting some of the snowflakes and was giving more sight to the archers.

– – –

The archers started loosing their arrows into the mass of skittering creepers and Burner lobbed a few spells at them as well. Burner wasn’t focused on the ground, though. She was looking out for noxious flyers.

The skittering creepers were insectoid dog-like six-legged creatures. They would have a hard time breaking through the gates. The noxious flyers, however, could just go over the walls. The stench of noxious flyers wasn’t bad in small numbers, but if enough of them arrived it would make it difficult to focus on anything else.

She saw Dreekt fire a few bolts of lightning down on the skittering creepers. The creatures were falling fast, but not fast enough. Burner was considering casting the spells she was saving for the possibility of noxious flyers on the creepers when she saw movement in the snow-filled sky.

“Noxious flyers!” Burner shouted, casting a light spell up into the sky. “Where my light is.” The noxious flyers were momentarily distracted by the light and a few fell to arrows before the group of them turned to dive at the town walls.

– – –

“Open the gates!” The guard captain yelled. “Archers focus on the sky! Footmen, to arms!”

Gaemacirch was the first through the gate. The skittering creepers saw a zarx and some of them fell back in fear. The zarx that still lived in Dark Under had instilled fear into the creatures. Taking advantage of the opening, Gaemacirch swung his blade in an arc killing three of the skittering creepers. The guardsmen rallied to Gaemacirch and started pushing out into the horde of creatures.

“When the last of us are through close the gate behind us. Let no skittering creeper into Dregton!” The guard captain joined Gaemacirch in the thick of the battle. “Well, zarx, time to prove your worth.”

Gaemacirch smiled at the captain. “Well, the only way to truly do that is to transform. Do you think your men could handle that?”

“Sure, just be careful.”

“I will.” Gaemacirch fell to the back. “I need a moment.”

“When the zarx returns as a beast do nothing to him! Pass it along!” The captain stabbed at a skittering creeper, but the carapace was too thick.

Gaemacirch ran back to the Blue Flagon and waved down Samuel, the barkeep. “I need some help with armor.”

The salaman looked strangely at Gaemacirch. “You look well armored to me.”

“No, not this armor, my beast armor.”

Samuel’s eyes grew wide. “Is it that bad?”

“Not yet, but the archers are occupied with the sky and the footsoldiers will only last so long. Quickly!” Gaemacirch ran to his room and retrieved his pack. He spilled the beast armor on the ground. “I’ll tell you where each goes.” He transformed into a giant ferret. “Ok, the big one first, straps around my front legs.”

– – –

Burner saw Gaemacirch run for the Blue Flagon and saw the gate close shortly afterward. “When a giant armored ferret appears, don’t shoot it! It’s on our side!”

The nearby archers looked at the wick strangely then shrugged. They turned their attention back to the skys.

Burner started sending arcane bolts into the air, most of the humans were unable to keep track of what she was saying, she was rapping so quickly. Later, they would remember her as being the fastest spell caster they had ever met.

A group of archers ran out of arrows and another group moved to take their place. That’s when the dive-bombing began. The noxious flyers would dive down, release the fumes from their gas-sacs and take back to the sky. At first the gas was nothing, but then the gas started to overwhelm the archers and Burner.

“Cover your mouths! The gas is poisonous! It will cause your vision to blur and your hands to be slower!” Burner did nothing to cover her own mouth.

One of the archers nearby tried to hand Burner a cloth. “Here, cover up. We need your spells.”

“No, I’m immune to poison. Heated metabolism and all that.” Burner breathed deep. “Hmm…smells flammable. Careful! The fumes may combust!”

There was a strange clinking of metal and a form jumped over the archers. Gaemacirch’s blaze-patterned underbelly was visible for a moment, and none of the archers had enough time to react.

Gaemacirch was able to grab a couple of noxious flyers out of the air and landed on the mass of skittering creepers. His paw armor had metal claws attached and he began to rake through the mass of enemies. The foot soldiers watched in awe as he tore apart several skittering creepers in one turn.

“Stop staring and start fighting!” Gaemacirch’s voice sounded more feral than before. “I can’t take all of them myself!”

– – –

Seeing Gaemacirch jump over the wall Dreekt felt a longing in himself to do such carnage. To transform and take down the skittering creepers down on the ground, or to fly through the air and destroy the noxious flyers. As he delved inside himself to find out where this desire stemmed from a figure appeared before him.

The figure was covered by a black cloak and had shadows that floated under a cowl, blocking his face from view.

“Dreekt,” the figure said in a deep voice that sent chills through Dreekt, “you have power from death. Use it how you will.” He held out an ancient, pale hand. “Spirit, reveal to Dreekt his power.”

Dreekt’s desire to fight in the thick of the battle combined with his magical power and with the power of the spirit that had been talking to him. Inspired by the figure of death in front of him he turned into a pale reflection of that death.

“Yes,” the figure said, “become like the creator of your race. Like me. Like The Desecrator.” The figure faded away.

Dreekt, now looking similar to the figure of The Desecrator, held a scythe in his hands. He floated down to the skittering creeper mass and began to reap them.

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