Help Us Jor-Val Ondelios, You’re Our Only Hope! – Pt. 4

Ao Kreel sat cross-legged in his ship quarters. He was roused from his meditation by a familiar pulling sensation. He pulled his sabres to him with the Force and ran to the cockpit.

“Jor-Val! What’s the readout!” He skidded to a halt as he noticed Dor Thay was sitting in the pilot’s seat. “Oh, sorry Thay, what’s the readout?”

“No problem, I’m sure you’re used to Jor-Val piloting.” Dor Thay flicked a couple of switches and read the report. “No ships on scans, just an uncharted moon. I pulled us out before the fail-safes kicked in.”

T8-T3 appeared in the doorway and tweedled something in binary.

“Rogue moon, Tate.” Ao patted the maintenance droid’s disc head.

There was a series of concerned beeps and bloops from the droid.

“Well, he stopped us in plenty of time.” Ao nodded at Dor Thay. “Thay here was a soldier, remember?”

A series of dry-sounding beeps came from T8-T3’s speaker.

“I think I know what you said, and I’ll have you remember, Tate, that I helped the Republic against the Sith and the Yuuzhan Vong.” Dor Thay pressed a button and the comm activated. “Hey, Jor-Val. We need you up here.”

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” Jor-Val Ondelios came running from the back of the ship. “I was in a pretty deep meditation. Hyperspace is pretty calming…wait.” He looked out the viewport. “Oh, I guess I was really deep in meditation. Didn’t feel us pull out of hyperspace.”

Ao sighed deeply in an annoyed fashion. “Sorry, I’ll have to report this to Explorer Corps.”

Shrugging Jor-Val motioned to the comms console. “I think it would be for the best. If nothing else we need to map the course of this moon so other ships can calculate around it.”

Dor Thay shook his head. “I know we’ll have to explore some of the moon, that’s just how Explorer Corps works.” He motioned for Jor-Val to take the pilot’s seat. “I’ll go gear up.”

– – –

Dor Thay stood in his full gear from when he worked with the Republic marines. The suit was able to seal air-tight and had a slot for the air tanks that the vac suits on the ship used. The port was obviously modified to fit the civilian tanks, but the job looked solid.

“Thanks for the upgrade, Tate.” Dor Thay popped a canister into the slot. “Just wish I had some touch paint. Looks weird to have bare silver sticking out of the orange and grey suit. Oh well, the job’s solid so thanks again.”

T8-T3’s singular eye rolled and he turned to the suit he had pulled the regulatory piping from and started to strip it for parts.

Ao grabbed a suit and his custom helmet. He did all the straps and zippers then he and Dor Thay looked over each other’s suits.

“All clear?” Dor Thay asked.

Ao nodded an affirmative. “Let’s go on a nice EVA jaunt, shall we?”

The airlock opened and T8-T3 joined them in the small closet-like space.

“Tate,” Ao began, “I’d love for you to come like old times, but…”

A dejected whistle emanated from T8-T3 followed by a couple of chirps as he backed out of the airlock.

“And may the Force be with you.” Ao looked at the decals on T8-T3’s arms. “When we get back I’ll fix up your kill marks. How’s that sound?”

The series of beeps T8-T3 responded with sounded halfhearted as the airlock cycled. Ao and Dor Thay were now in the cold vacuum of space on the surface of a previously unknown and currently uncharted rogue moon.

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