The gods of Nevre: The Sneak – Before

Taithleach was always great at getting into places that she wasn’t supposed to. She was also really good at taking things that she wasn’t supposed to. At first, this was limited to helping fellow urchins in Rentaz, the capital of Zentar. Eventually, in order to get more money and set herself and her friends up with a better lifestyle, she started to take on more and more shady jobs.

One day, in her early teens, she was tasked with taking someone down. The payout was ten times the amount that she made from taking documents and other sensitive information and that made the offer irresistible. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Sorceress – Before

Taika mixed two chemicals together to produce a flame. Frevren was watching her from the other side of the table with a furrowed brow. As an alchemist, Frevren knew that the two chemicals would not produce flame, but this was the mixture that Taika claimed to have used in her act. They were taken from his own shelves from this very wagon, so he knew for sure what was in the bottles.

“Well,” Frevren asked, “when does the-” He was cut short as flames started dancing over the liquid. Concerned Fevren grabbed the two bottles and a bowl and did the same. Nothing happened. “Well, I don’t know what you did, but it wasn’t alchemy.” Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Pathfinder – Before

Stigr was pouring over the histories in the royal library. As the chief historian, he was expecting to be reading out historical decrees to the king and his court. While, on occasion, he was required to give context to a law for a ruling he was rarely needed in the throne room. He was required to be there whenever the king held court, but he was mostly left to his own devices during the day. He was currently doing some research for the king, but that wouldn’t take too horribly long. He had another matter to attend to afterward. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Healer/The Kindness – Before

Simisola looked over the wreckage of the guardpost. One of the soldiers must have set off the avalanche explosive before they were completely overrun, sealing the pass and killing the enemies who had not yet entered the post. Unfortunately the avalanche had also hit the guard house causing it to collapse in on itself. Some of the soldiers had survived and began to dig out the guardpost. One of them had brought word to the major outpost where Simisola had been visiting. She had insisted on going herself to help with the soldiers’ recovery. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Coward – Before

Prince Rajendra knelt on the edge of his father’s bed. Tears spilled from his eyes as he watched the life drain from his father’s face. “Father, don’t leave me. I don’t know what to do without you.”

“End the wars, Rajendra. That’s what you do.” The king smiled slightly. “If anyone can do it you-” the king stopped speaking. The half-smile frozen on his face.

The healer looked at Rajendra. “The king is dead, long live the king.” Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Desecrator – Before

The weak magic that was at work in Nevre wasn’t enough for Mrto. He studied as a mage for a few years until he realized that even the great mages had no more power than he did. One day he discovered a tome in the section of the mage’s library that was off-limits. He had been searching for a way to gain power, and he found it.

Carefully placing the aged tome in his satchel he used his hidden passageway to exit the section. Not looking around, that would cause suspicion, he left the recessed section of the corridor where the passageway was hidden. Then he made his way into the nearby forest. It was sunny in Rentaz, the capital of Zentar, that day and he hurried under the safety of the trees. His pale skin hated sunlight. Continue reading