The gods of Nevre: The Commander – After

[First half is an excerpt from Fractured Mountains Chapter 5.]

The Commander led his legion of clockwork minions into the Dark Under. They entered just south of The Fount of The Gods. The tunnel lead to a dwarven citadel, that was destroyed and overrun. When the clockwork army arrived at the citadel The Commander walked to a group of dwarves to confer with them. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Goof – After

[No specific details are included. Use your imagination if you must.]

Alaia stood at the foot of a statue of herself. The statue was wearing hardly anything, and it had a wine bottle in one hand. On the plaque was two words. The Goof. Of all the titles she could have gotten as a goddess The Goof was not one she had expected. Sighing Alaia walked into the temple. There were no benches or chairs in the temple, only large pillow-like mattresses. She smiled and sat on one of them. That was more like it. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Vicious – Before

Ellain nodded at Kemp. They Approached the hovel from different angles, swords held at the ready. Kemp kicked the door open and tossed a small, apple-sized device into the room. There was a small explosion and smoke filled the room.

Ellain moved to the side to cover the window on the hovel. If they were smart they would try to exit the building by an unexpected route. If they chose to stay in the hovel it was only a matter of time before the smoke started to choke them. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Alchemist – Before

“Look. I’ve told you a thousand times. I can’t turn lead into gold. If I could I wouldn’t be working in an apothecary.” There was a block of lead sitting on his counter.

The Aliazian guard looked him up and down. “Look, Frevren. I don’t think you can either. It’s the king who thinks you can.” Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Smith – Before

Avron used his small hammer to bend the softened spoke back into place. “There, that’s fixed.” He cooled the cog in water then handed it to Zdenko. “I’ll do some work on that alloy tomorrow. I have some orders to fill today. Mostly nails for the new housing.”

Zdenko fitted the cog back into the intricate device he was working on for Amir. “Well, will you take Amir’s invitation to join the project proper after the rebuilding is done here?”

“Far be it from me to not accept an invitation from the crowned prince. Please extend my thanks for his blessing on me finishing up here.”

“He said his project comes second to the current well-being of the citizens. He actually said to urge you to finish up here first.” Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Burning Ice – Before

Ana was looking forward to slipping out for the camping trip in the Frozen Forest. She started a rumor going around that anyone who was anyone would be going to the Frozen Forest the next weekend to haveĀ fun. It didn’t take long for the girls to start giggling about it and the boys quickly realized what fun meant. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Balance – Before

The job of a traveling judge is a difficult one in Zentar. Especially for a salaman. All the non-human races in this country were minorities. Even in Aliaz it wouldn’t be any better for salamen. The elves themselves weren’t racist, but the other races were. Any race, such as the salamen the skravyn and the zarx, who had originated in the Dark Under were subject to the scorn of the other races. This made the job of being a judge even more difficult.

Between Rentaz and Dregton there was a little-known town in the Northern Highlands between the Helen River and Dulz Thicket. The path that ran from the river to the town didn’t deserve the title of road. Somewhere along the second half of the journey Bremvan ran straight into an elf as she materialized in front of him. Continue reading