The gods of Nevre: The Wanderer – Before

Doran was ostracized from his home village shortly after he learned to talk. He was taken in by a stranger that became his father. One day his father left and never returned. Doran had a big argument with himself and one of him ended up burning down the hut where he lived. Doran had two personalities, and they often argued with each other aloud. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Scholar – Before

Irfan had always loved learning new things. The first time he visited the city library in Veltar, the capital of Ertval, he was in love. He couldn’t afford the fees to enter the scholar’s section of the library but was able to read many works in the very small public section. One day a scholar approached him while he was reading.

“Excuse me, are you Irfan?” The man asked, hovering over Irfan’s shoulder to see what he was reading. “Ah, one of Alan Zwest’s works. A study of plant cross-pollination. Are you interested in plants?”

Finishing his paragraph and putting a piece of wood on the scroll to mark his place Irfan looked up at the scholar. “No, I’ve just already read every history scroll in this section of the library. Thought I’d expand a little.” Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The King – Before

Emyr was chief advisor to king Rajendra Icepeak of Ertval. He was making plans to secretly strengthen the army of Ertval. He did this in secret because the king was set in he attempts at peace between Zendikar and Aliaz. One of these days his peace talks would go bad and Ertval would be invaded. This was inevitable and he had tried to tell the king so before, but he wouldn’t listen. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Tinkerer – Before

“M’lord, we’re a poor kingdom, but a hardy one. We can’t just pay our way out of every war. We’ll run out of money!” Emyr, the advisor to the king of Ertval was pacing back and forth. “I know Zentar has a large force, but our border is well protected! They would be unable to pass!”

Amir, the prince, who was named after Emyr with a different spelling, voiced his agreement. “My generals are prepared to defend the border. Entering the country is not advised, but they would break themselves on our defense.” Continue reading