World of Souls: Chapter 5 – The Space Between

World of SoulsA small, pinkish vine climbed the landing strut of the shuttle. It disconnected from the ground and hid in the mechanism for retracting the strut. When it came time for takeoff the vine went unnoticed. Once the lander was securely attached to the ship the vine searched for a way onboard. It had only a limited time before it died of exposure to hard vacuum, and barely found a way to activate the airlock in time. It shed the dead outer layers of its cells and searched for the pantry. It needed to gain strength for the next part of The Great Plan. Continue reading

World of Souls Chapter 4: The Writing on the Wall

“You know the likelyhood of the first planet we visit being The World of Souls is astronomically small, right?”

“I know, but I’m going to send the pictures to Elinog to check.” Blavet hit send and the tablet showed an icon of an ancient cell tower with a red x over it. It read ‘signal not found’. “Oh. No signal in the cave. I guess we can finish in here first.”

“No, go out and send the message then continue getting samples. I’ll get a few more while you do that.” Allie returned to picking mushrooms and getting samples of other flora.

Nodding at Allie’s sage advice Blavet returned to the mouth of the cave. Once there he sent the message and waited for Elinog to respond to him.

– – –

There was a beeping noise coming from Elinog’s comm as he extricated himself from Janine. “Hold on. Gotta get that. Probably the boss calling to see if we’re still hard at work.”

Janine grabbed her clothes off the floor of the shuttle and hurriedly put them on. “Or they’re on the way back. They were rounding it off with a cave somewhere.”

The screen on the comm took a moment to light up. “I might need to grab a new one from the rack. This one’s a little laggy.” He opened the message from Blavet. “Whoa. Those are some big scratch marks.”

Elinog’s shirt collided with his face and during the struggle to get it off of his giant, salaman eyes Janine took his comm. “Those may be more than scratches. Get dressed. We have some cave walls to examine.”

“Fine, but we continue this later.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Janine tossed the comm back to Elinog, her bulbous fingers sending it in a weird spiral.

– – –

Allie splashed water at Blavet from the stream in the center of the cave. They had been waiting around for half an hour and she was getting bored.

“Oh, that’s how you want to play it?” Blavet pulled his water bottle from his satchel and held it, cap towards her. “Don’t make me do it!” Allie splashed him again. “You’ve done it now!” He took the cap off the bottle and started chasing after Allie. “Get back here!”

By the time Elinog and Janine arrived on the scene both Allie and Blavet were soaked with water and lying on the floor of the cave, exhausted.

Taking in the scene Elinog decided to just start setting up the lights. “Hey, we’re here. I’ll start setting up the lights and you guys go help Janine. We brought the lander over, it’s all fixed up now.”

“Your shirt’s on backwards.” Allie said as she rushed by Elinog to help Janine with equipment. “With those big eyes I would’ve thought you’d notice.”

Blavet grinned at Elinog. “So, we do all the work and you guys play?”

Elinog rolled his large eyes. “Oh, and you didn’t?”

“We just splashed water at each other. Nothing more. I can tell by the state your clothes are in that you did a lot more.”

“Stow it captain. We’ve got work to do.” Elinog tossed a light stand at Blavet. “These lights are a two person job.”

The light stand was deftly caught by Blavet’s tail and he began working on the lighting with Elinog. “Just keep your mind on the task at hand,” Blavet murmured.

“I said stow it!”

“That was to me, not you.”

– – –

Allie saw Janine straightening her light jacket before trying to lift up a large case. “This thing is heavier than I thought.”

“I think the gravity here is stronger than ship gravity.” Allie grabbed one end of the box. “Here, let me help.”

Janine picked up the other end of the box and they carried it into the cave. The writing surprised her and she almost dropped her end of the box. “Those look a lot different in the picture. Those scratches are not random.”

“Isn’t this going to just look the same as the pictures Blavet took?”

The box was gently set down next to a large stand with no lights on it. “No, this is a holo-cam. This should be able to register the depth of the scratches. Then we can run it through our database. If that comes up with nothing we’ll send it to SECO to have them check it.” Janine saw the questioning look in Allie’s eyes. “We’ll send it to them either way. I just want to see if we can send it with information. They may not tell us if they find something out. We’ll move on to the next solar system either way.”

Blavet and Elinog finished the last light setup and hurried over to help with the holo-cam. The device was larger than it probably needed to be. The technology had existed for centuries, but the size hadn’t decreased any noticable amount.

“This thing is large, but it’s pretty light.” Blavet was holding onto part of the holo-cam with his tail in addition to his hands.

“Yeah. It’s mostly just awkward. That’s why it comes with a stand like this.” Elinog carefully followed Janine’s lead. Making sure not to tilt the cam while Allie screwed it to the base.

Allie crawled out from under the holo-cam. “All done.” She handed a hex-key to Elinog.

“When did you take this?”

“When you weren’t looking.”

“Raven’s will be raven’s I suppose.” There was teasing in Elinog’s voice.

“I don’t expect lizards to understand.” Allie’s voice carried the same tone.

Janine sighed. “I know you guys are comfortable with each other, but those are still speciest phrases.”


The holo-cam took a few button presses to get started then the four of them stood away from the side facing the scratch marks. Allie made to leave the cave before it started.

“Hold on. Everyone who was present is supposed to be in any holo we send to SECO.” Blavet hooked his tail under one of Allie’s arms and pulled her back towards the holo-cam.

“Fine.” Allie faced away from the holo-cam as it took the holo, rotating slowly. “There. I was present.”

“Don’t like holo’s or something?” Janine asked as she sent the holo file to her datapad.

“They never capture my feathers right. Something about not having that fine of detail. I don’t like it.”

“Let’s pack up and get back to the Dominiot. If AB-775’s update is finished it will be simple to dock. Otherwise we’ll have to match speed first.” The holo-cam packed up faster than it had set up and the lights were easy to dismantle.

– – –

“Take us out facing away from the star. I don’t know how well the polarization works on this new windshield.” The shuttle lifted off of the ground slowly and started the assent out of the atmosphere. “I assume we’ll have no problem exiting the atmosphere this time?”

“If you’re asking if I messed with the flight parameters for the exit then the answer is no.” Janine glanced at Allie. “I assume that nobody else messed with the parameters themselves?”

Allie shook her head. “I don’t know an ampersand from a percent symbol. I couldn’t do that myself. Okay. We’re getting up to supersonic. We’ll be out of here in a flash.”

Janine glanced at Elinog. “So why did you fly down here when she’s the pilot?”

“Practice. It’s really annoying that she waited until I was piloting before she had you set up the turbulence.”

Blavet chuckled. “She probably considered it part of your training. You reacted instantly.”

“Why do you want to know how to fly?”

Elinog shook his head. “I know how to build a spaceship from pieces of other spaceships, but I couldn’t fly worth crap. Now I can fix ‘em and fly ‘em…most of them anyway. Sometimes I’m astonished at how counter intuitive control setups can be.”

“You should’ve seen the control setup mom had. She used her tail for half the controls. When dad had to pilot while she was pregnant with me he had to have two copilots.”

Blavet and Elinog burst into laughter while Janine just stared at them. “Did your father lose his tail or something?”

“Oh, no. Sorry I forgot you didn’t know. I’m half-human.” Blavet motioned towards his eyes. “The biggest giveaway is my human eyes. See how I have visible whites and irises on all three of my eyes? Most Emrys have no whites and only a few have visible irises. Also, my tail is about 15 cm shorter than average.”

– – –

Allie hailed the Dominiot. “AB-775, do you read?”

There was a short pause then a short burst of static. “I’m here. The ship’s still intact. There were no close calls with asteroids or anything.”

Janine sighed with exasperation and started up a data link with the Dominiot. “Somehow that makes me more worried because you listed asteroids specifically.”

“Oh, that means there was. He’s a bot. He’s terrible at lying.” Elinog also had a data link with the Dominiot running. “Camera 12 sector delta.”

“Nothing I can’t fix. Some subsystems look like they need cycled, but I can do that from here.” Janine tapped on her tablet a few times. “Purge initiated.”

Allie commed the ship again. “Ok, we’re approaching for docking procedures. Can you take control?”

“Yes, taking control now. I hope you enjoy flight AB-775!”

– – –

“The ship database has nothing on the wall scratches. It detected a pattern, but no corresponding data is available.” Janine frowned. “Well, I guess I’ll just send it through to SECO.” She turned the cockpit holo to astrogation and started doing the calculations for the FTL jump. AB-775 assisted, happy to finally be out of storage.

In the cargo hold of the Dominiot Blavet looked at the scratches on a holo display. Something looked familiar. He reached into the control cluster and mirrored the holo. Then he turned it upside down. The scratches suddenly took on a meaning. He turned to face Allie who was watching him work. “It’s in Thaumatish. The rough translation is ‘Life’.” He turned back to the hologram, studying the scratches again. “I think either it’s referring to how lush the planet is, or this is the reason the planet is so lush in the first place. I have to send this data to the council.”

Allie shook her head. “Will they take it seriously?”

“I’m sure they’ll send someone to look into it before SECO can. Their bureaucracy will slow them down.”

“So we just keep moving, then? You’re not even curious?”

Blavet shut off the hologram. “I’m curious. I just know I need to focus on my assignment. I have my own reason for seeking out the World of Souls you know.”

“I know.”

World of Souls Chapter 3: An Alien World

The landing craft was filled with portable equipment for the short journey down to the surface of the planet. The whole crew came down for the landing, the shipboard navigation was keeping the ship in orbit and the rarely used astrogation bot was sitting at the controls in case of an autopilot failure.

“Hey, guys. Is the nav light supposed to blink purple when in orbit?” A metallic voice chimed over the landing craft speakers. “I may need an update but I don’t know how long that will take.” Continue reading

World of Souls Chapter 2: Exploration Not for Its Own Sake

“Well, that wasn’t a complete waste of time at least.” Elinog sighed as he fiddled with the tech he was installing in the Dominiot’s cargo hold. “We have wide coordinates that encompass enough uncharted systems that it would take an earth year to survey. And that’s if we’re lucky.” There was an acrid smell as Elinog cried out in surprise. “I thought I told you to turn off the power to this section!”

Allie looked at the switch bay she was leaning next to. “It is off. The problem might be the switch bay if you’ve got power.”

Blavet sighed. “I told you it wasn’t the flux buffer. Now the new one is shorted and the old one can’t go in until we fix the switch bay.” He turned the conversation back to the start. “So, I’ve been looking into it and we can get paid for every planet we survey in sector N1XZW. There’s some old spacer stories about misfortune befalling anyone who goes there. Anyone who has been assigned that sector was suddenly transferred to another sector within a week.” Continue reading

World of Souls Chapter 1: Information Gathering

Elinog, a purple and violet salaman with bulbous eyes dressed in mechanic’s overalls, spoke over the ship comm to Blavet. “You better come see this Blavet, the planet we were supposed to go to isn’t there anymore.”

Blavet sat up straight in bed and smacked the comm button with the heel of the hand at the end of his leg. His tail twitched anxiously, like a cat’s. “What do you mean it’s not there anymore? Is there debris?”

“It’s hard to explain, just get up here.” Elinog responded, then the static cut out as the comm shut off. Continue reading

Story Descriptions – Sci-Fi/Fantasy

These are descriptions of my Fantasy setting I’ve been calling Nevrelocke Universe. These are original stories inspired by playing role-playing games like D&D and HARP that take place in a setting that I’ve come up with. On the surface, these stories don’t seem to have any connection but they all take place in a single timeline in locations that are connected to each other. Continue reading

World of Souls Intro

[This book is set in the same universe as both Fractured Mountains and Warlocke Chronicles but set in a distant future. This book will focus on the ISS Dominiot and its crew. It gives me something to work on when the other two stories hit writer’s block.]

Blavet Jowren (Yow-ren) was born in 4512 AWT (After Warp Travel) by the human calendar. He was born on the ISS (InterStellar Ship) Dominiot which was a small freighter owned by his parents. He was not just born on the ship, however, he was also born while in warp.

Blavet was an emris. Emris had three eyes that were large black orbs with the third eye being slightly above the plane of the other two. The race was covered in fur that was found in all hues of blues, greens, and in-between. They had a vaguely human build with two slits for a nose and human hands where both their hands and feet would be. They also had a long prehensile monkey-like tail that was usually around one and a half meters in length. Continue reading