Story Descriptions – Sci-Fi/Fantasy

These are descriptions of my Fantasy setting I’ve been calling Nevrelocke Universe. These are original stories inspired by playing role-playing games like D&D and HARP that take place in a setting that I’ve come up with. On the surface, these stories don’t seem to have any connection but they all take place in a single timeline in locations that are connected to each other. Continue reading

Character Backstories – Thomas and John Part 2: John

John had been living on North Rona island with his father for the past 16 years. It was 1739 and John had just turned twenty. North Rona was the current seat of The Guardians of Humanity, it being rarely traveled to. Local Warlockes that called themselves druids had helped to lay the enchantments that would cause people to overlook the settlement. The shepherds knew about the settlement because they couldn’t live there without noticing, but they just never remembered to mention to anyone there was a village there.

Working for The Guardians of Humanity had its perks, but John knew that the past sixteen years of transformations was starting to take a psychological toll on his father. Continue reading

Character Backstories – Thomas and John Part One: Thomas

[I have previously written out about half of Thomas’ backstory as a short story and that is what I’m using here – or finishing here. The novella style background story will end with Part Two: John]

The year was 1710. Thomas had just gotten married to his sweetheart Jane. They were both living in the Oregon Territory together by 1723. Thomas was spending his free time, which he had plenty of as a friend of the nearby Tillamook tribe, building cabins for future settlers. Thomas and his wife bickered constantly about why they moved all the way to the Oregon Territory only to live by themselves. After a few more years they had a son that they named John after Jane’s father.

“Take John with you to the still. I want some time to myself!” Jane yelled out the door before Thomas could take off. She put the four-year old up on the seat of the homemade wagon that Thomas was pulling and went back into the house. She didn’t appreciate always dealing with the four-year old running around at her feet while Thomas was out.

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Character Backstories – Jayse

Jason was in a division of foot-men that a vampire ‘persuaded’ to stand still while he fed. Slightly bloated the vampire joined in the ranks to charge the redcoats in a very ill-advised attack. The entire division perished and the bodies were being thrown onto a pyre by travelers that happened by. Jason and a few others woke up as vampires and made their way out fo the area following the call of the one who created them. When they got there another vampire was driving a stake into the bloated vampire’s heart.

“Any of you want to end your existence?” The female vampire with reddish-brown hair asked. “I’m Sarina by the way.”

The other vampires that had been turned with Jason looked at the stake in her hand, grabbed sticks from the ground and killed themselves.

“Well, you’re still standing. Do you want to join me in my travels?”

“I guess so.”

“What’s your name soldier?”

“I’m Jas-.” Jason paused for a moment. “Call me Jayse.”

“Well, you’re strong of mind. Come with me, Jayse.”