Today’s Writing

“Dr. Jones.” Sara turned to face Ryan. “I’m going to go with Thomas to the airport and get us passage on a charter flight. Keep an eye on Daren and Damio, will you?” After he nodded to her she turned to Thomas. “Shall we go?”

“After I finish with the dirt we can go.” Thomas put the last few shovels of dirt on top of Andali’s grave. “I don’t know the customs of your people, but I hope that you find your place among your ancestors.” He turned and walked over to Sara. “I run fastest in wolf form. I assume you can keep up?”

“I sure hope so.” Sara replied. Thomas turned into a wolf and they were off.

– – –

“Andali has died.”

“Are you sure Octavianus?”

“Yes, Hulda, I’m certain.” Octavianus turned and slowly sat in the driver’s seat of his car. “We set it up so that the other would know if one of the two of us died. I also know who did it.” The car of the red convertible closed and he drove off. Careful to be on the right side of the road, he wasn’t used to driving in America, and he didn’t think that he ever would be.

“I wonder where he’s going.” Hulda thought aloud.

An hour later Octavianus’ bluetooth went off in his car. Looking at the caller id he saw that Hulda had decided to call him. Reluctantly he hit the answer button on the steering wheel. “Moshi moshi.”

“Why do you always answer the phone in a different language? Just answer in the Guardians’ default language; English.” Hulda was German, but English is a Germanic language so it didn’t bother her as much as Japanese. “I know that you want to avenge Andali’s death, but he doesn’t have a successor so you should probably focus on that. As the person who brought him in to take an open seat it’s your responsibility to replace him, or at least help.”

“I know, and I wasn’t going to go try to kill Andali’s killer. I know better than to do that.” Octavianus took a right turn, and started heading for Oregon. “I’m planning on finding a way to get an Herbalist on the council.”

“An Herbalist is not a supernatural being. They are similar to witches or warlocks, but they don’t have any real abilities.” Hulda had this conversation with Octavianus on several occasions. “Let it go.”

Octavianus had to swerve to miss a cat. “You think that will stand if the Herbalist is the widow of Derik Medakus?”

“You have my support, and that’s normally all you would need, but for this you will need the support of more of the Guardians. At least five more so we can put it to the vote.”

“I know, and I was hoping that you would be the one to talk with them about it while I’m gone. It may take a few days for me to convince Sharon to come back with me.”

Hulda sighed. “Very well, I’ll talk to everyone while you’re gone.” There was a click as she hung up the phone.

Good. While she’s doing that I’ll do my best to get Sharon to join us. We will need to move the headquarters from Maine to Oregon, but that wouldn’t be much of a problem. He knew that most of the council members wanted a change of scenery.

Guardians of Humanity – 4

The origin story of Andali Windspeaker featuring an appearance of Octavianus. This also accounts for today’s 500+ words.

Andali Windspeaker was born just like any other child. The only difference was that after he was born he floated upon the air. He was called a child of the Wind Brothers as he was born a Penobscot. By the time he could speak he talked so swiftly that nobody could understand him. It took him many years to be able to slow down his speech because he was talking at his natural pace.

It wasn’t long after becoming a man that Andali decided that it would be better for his brothers if he left them and became a hermit shaman. The tribe always claimed that his good fortune was due to his being a son of the wind and that the spirits looked kindly upon him no matter what he did.

After about two years after Andali had started his isolation and began to train his power over the wind he was approached by Octavianus Sevtorius Velius. This was hundreds of years even before the Vikings could claim to have discovered America; circa 750.

“Who comes to my place of dwelling?” Andali asked, wary of this man in strange garb. His garb looked as strange to Octavianus, with feathers sticking out of his leather clothing at seemingly random places. “Do you seek the council of a shaman?”

“I am Octavianus Sevtorius Velius of the Guardians of Humanity. I formerly hailed from the great empire of Rome which has since fallen. This is my first time in this area of the world.” Octavianus knew that it was strange that he could talk fluently in Andali’s native language when he had never been there before, so he explained himself. “I am able to speak any language having lived for over 1000 years I have learned the ins and outs of language.”

“For some reason I feel that I should both believe you, and yet be wary of you.” Andali said, as he began to do a ritual of divination. “I will know of how you came to be this way in a moment, do not interrupt me.” The wind rose and fell as Andali saw the bite from his cousin, the sword through the chest, the betrayal of his wife decades after he became a vampire, and finally the joining of the Guardians of Humanity when Rome was no more and he had nowhere to turn. “Very strange this beginning of yours, I wish to know more.”

“Then come with me, there is an opening on the council.” With that Octavianus turned, expecting Andali to follow him. After a while of walking alone he wondered if the magic had chosen the correct person for the position. That is when Andali suddenly showed up next to him, in a whirl of wind.

“Shall we move at a faster speed, vampire?” The word felt strange on his lips, but he knew that he would need to learn many new words if he were to join this council of the Guardians of Humanity. “I know you can run faster than I can with the wind.”

Guardians of Humanity – 3

Just thought I would list all 12 of the council members and their races, both mythical and where they originate from.

1. Spiro Glynatsis, Greek Warlock

2. Hai Qin, Chinese Vampire

3. Molly Higgins, Irish Witch

4. Yoshie Nakajima (or Nakajima Yoshie as it would be in Japan), Japanese Witch

5. Octavianus Sevtarius Velius, Ancient Roman Vampire

6. Isaac Clark, English Warlock

7. Hulda Peters, German Witch

8. Kapila Rao, Indian Vampire

9. Eva Nizovtseva, Russian Werewolf

10. Snerrir “Sner” Ingjalsson, Icelandic Werewolf

11. Andali Windspeaker, Native American Warlock

12. Eirene of Sparta, Ancient Greek Witch

13. Neta Medakus, American Herbalist

Guardians of Humanity – 2

“What’s going on?” Eirene of Sparta had just pushed someone away from her with only a thought.

“Witch!” Someone yelled from a nearby alley. At this Eirene realized that she had been marked. She ran to her home, the cold stone no longer reassuring her, and grabbed a few things to flee with. Bad things happened to witches in Greece.

When she felt like she had enough she turned to leave. That’s when her husband came into the room. She didn’t know why she didn’t hear the echo of his sandals on the stone, but she turned, picker her white tunic up above her knees and ran through another doorway, leaving him behind.

She ran as far and as fast as she could, leaving all of the stone structures behind her. When she had made it into the wilderness she found herself heading to a large, rocky hill. The closer she got the more she felt like she was being pulled there than she was running there of her own accord. By the time that she realized this, however, she was already inside a dark, damp cave. She looked around her, not sure what she was expecting.

Come forward my child.” A raspy, ancient voice called out from the darkness. “Come meet your mother, I have been waiting for you.” Stepping forward from the darkness was a hag. An ancient witch that survived by dark, forbidden magic. She was wrapped in a brown, stained garment.

“You are not my mother, she died 15 years ago.” Eirene said, scared for her life.

Is that what they told you?” Eirene looked at her face and realized that it looked familiar to her underneath the deep wrinkles and the long, grey hair and matching grey eyes. “You may not recognize me in this form, let me change for you.

The appearance of the woman in front of Eirene changed, slowly the features smoothed out and the wrinkles disappeared, her hair becoming blonde, but her eyes stayed grey. “What are you?” Eirene was even more scared now than before.

“I am an ancient witch, my dearie. You are the youngest in our bloodline.” The hag’s voice had changed from raspy and ancient to that of a young woman, around the same age as Eirene, in her early thirties.

Eirene’s green eyes widened to large orbs of fear highlighted by her blonde hair. “Y-you…you are a hag!”

“And you are a young witch who has just discovered her powers. Now that we are done stating the obvious you should follow me.” She turned around and walked back into the dark corner from which she appeared. Not sure what other choice she had Eirene followed her deeper into the cave.

31 Day Challenge – Day 2

This is what I wrote today, this is part of the origin for Snerrir Ingjaldsson of the Guardians of Humanity.

Halfway from where he was bit to his brother’s house, however, something came over him. It wasn’t long before he was taken over by it. It was a rage that swept through him. It was a rage at life, a rage at death, a rage at everything. Stopping in his tracks he felt his bones begin to grind against each other. An inhuman scream escaped from his lips, but it sounded almost more like a howl than a scream to all of those that heard the strange noise.

Sner ripped the silver medallion out from under his thick coat and threw it into the dark snow. The clouds parted for a moment and the moon shone directly onto Sner.

“I am Snerrir Ingjaldsson!” He barked into the night as the pain spread into his face. Bones that weren’t supposed to move ground together, reforming his face into a wolf’s. He howled into the night, his pain transferring into it and releasing from his body.

Many werewolves would agree that the first night is the hardest night to find yourself, but to Sner there was no self to find. His humanity had been ripped from him in the claws of the wolf form he now had. There was no turning back for him, he had one desire in his mind, and that was to find who had done this to him. Tracing his human scent back took him to the house of the woman who had helped set his broken arm that no longer had a break, then it led him passed the house, and to an area stained with his blood. It was hard to find any scent nearby, but after circling around for a while he smelled it, the musk of a wolf combined with the smell of a human. Werewolf.

Following the scent he found himself tracing a winding path back to his own house. The closer he got the stronger the scent became, until he was standing in front of the growling adversary.

The other werewolf, female, and smaller than the impression from the human part of his mind that was trapped in the mind of the wolf, began circling him. He followed suit, the new power of his transformation flowing through him like a river attempting to flood its banks. Then he pounced, he didn’t growl, or howl, or bark, or make any other sign that he was about to pounce, and landed with his paw on her throat. He reached down with his powerful jaws and wrapped them around her neck.

The female werewolf, knowing she was beaten smelled of submission, but the feral part of Sner wanted to rip her throat out anyways. Just then the human part of Sner broke free of its prison and released the female’s neck from his jaws.

The werewolf part of Sner wanted to be alpha male, but how could you be alpha male when you had no pack? This was the argument that the human part of his mind used against the wolf part of his mind. His reason won out and just as he was about to head back to his brother’s house with the female werewolf behind him the moon set and they were returned, excruciatingly, back to their original human forms.

He looked over to see the human face of his new follower, and realized that it was his wife that he had almost killed.

Guardians of Humanity 1

I decided that in my book there were going to be supernaturals that are magically bound to protect and serve humanity. After using a random name generator I came up with 12 different characters, only a few of which I have created back-stories for so far. This is one of them:

“Step forward Hulda Peters, and meet your instructor.” The man in the hood made it sound more like a suggestion than an order, but Hulda knew better than that.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Jürgen and I’ll be your instructor from now on.” She had heard of Jürgen before, he was a well-known warlock and witch trainer. He was known for having pupils that never went against the government, except for one. Nobody ever talked about him though.

“Nice to meet you too, Jürgen.” Hulda curtsied shallowly.

“No need for that, but thank you.” He turned and started walking. Hulda followed him hurriedly. “You are going to learn all about the Guardians of Humanity and what my work encompasses. I hope that you don’t follow Zach; he was the last warlock I was going to train for the post. Then he went and made a deal with a vampire and ended up getting turned. Only those with a seat in the Guardians are to be trusted.”

“Should I be wary of them even?” Hulda asked, unsure if she was allowed to.

“Good, you ask questions. When I say you can trust someone it doesn’t mean completely, anybody can turn into your enemy.” Jürgen stopped walking for a moment. “If you ever meet Zach, run in the other direction. He’s not to be trusted, ever.”

Something about the way that he said that made her even more curious. “Why? All witches and warlocks that are turned into vampires lose their abilities.”

“Around 99% do, yes, but not those that hail from the lineage of the original vampires. The first were able to have one child, and that child was a normal human. Those that survived were able to procreate, and eventually the bloodline mixed with witches and warlocks. Those with the blood of untainted vampires and a witch or warlock lineage are able to keep some powers and augment them into vampire abilities. That is why you must never listen to what he has to say, or even look into his eyes.”

“How do you know this?” Hulda asked.

“Research, I’ll let you look over the books after the meeting.” Jürgen opened the door at the end of the hallway and beckoned for her to enter first.