Mt. Fuji

Some pictures of Mt. Fuji. On a bus tour with the parental units.

Pokémon Collection

Cyndaquil joins the collection as a nanoblock figurine. I also have Eevee, Totodile and Chikorita nanoblock figurines that I’ll put together later. The collection grows!

After putting together Cyndaquil I checked what Pokémon figurines exist and realized only five are available in America (Pikachu, the three Kanto starters base form, and Charizard). After the three Johto starters I had to get two packs of two 20 by 20 plates and that’s when I grabbed Eevee. Might as well have as many figurines as plates.

Some Sketches

I had some free time the past couple of days, so I hooked up my drawing tablet and sketched a couple of starter Pokémon. Being in Japan, Pokémon just felt right.


I think Chikorita looks better. Here are the Japanese names:

  • チコリータ 「chicorita」「chikorita」
  • ゼニガメ「zenigame」「squirtle」