Millennial Hawken: Ship Stats

For those of you who wish to follow along with the podcast (Sword or Sorcery RPG) at home then the next time we do space combat, you will have the Millennial Hawken stats in front of you! Also, the ship looks like SSV Normandy from Mass Effect.

Name: Millennial Hawken
Hull Class: Freighter
Hull Type: Free Merchant
Speed: 2
AC: 4
Armor: 2
Crew Min/Max: 1/6
Hit Points: 20
Free Power: 0
Free Mass: 5
Free Hardpoints: 0
Cargo Space in Tons: 100

Multifocal Laser: Damage; 1d4, Special; 20 Armor Penetration
Sandthrower: Damage; 2d4, Special; Flak (double damage to fighter class hulls)

Augmented Plating: -2 AC, -1 Speed
Hardened Polyceramic Overlay: Reduces armor penetration of incoming weapons fire

Armory: Allows access to armor and weapons up to TL4 for up to six crew members
Boarding Tubes: allows boarding of disabled ships either via airlock or cutting into the ship
Ship Locker: Allows access to survey and exploration equipment up to TL4 for up to six crew members
Cargo Lighter: Orbit-to-surface cargo shuttle, holds up to 200 tons of cargo
Survey Sensor Array: Improved planetary sensor array
Fuel Scoop: The ship can scoop fuel from a gas giant or star

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