RPG Corner, Character Creation – FFG Star Wars: Zala the Gungan Jedi

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I decided that I wanted a recurring nemesis for a Star Wars campaign and then I thought, why not a Gungan?

I built Zala using the Inquisitor rules in Force and Destiny and I did not give her any Darkside powers as the campaign is an evil one. Unfortunately, the campaign ended up being a one-shot so she never appeared. Continue reading

Darth Teslief and Other NPC Stat Blocks

Darth Teslief (Human, Female, Force using Inquisitor)

Brawn: 5, Agility: 3, Intellect: 3, Cunning: 3, Willpower: 3, Presence: 3

Derived Stats
Defense: 1/1, Soak: 7, Wounds: 25, Strain: 23

Athletics: 3, Coercion: 3, Cool: 2, Coordination: 3, Discipline: 1, Leadership: 1, Perception: 2, Vigilance: 2, Lightsaber: 4, Melee: 2, Brawl: 3, All Knowledge Skills: 2

Adversary 3, Force Rating: 4, Parry 4, Mental Bond, Share Pain, Fearsome 3, Swift

Force Powers
Move: Full Tree, Sense: Full Tree

Lightsaber: Damage 6, Engaged, Critical 2, Lightsaber, Breach 1
Shoto Saber: Damage 5, Engaged, Critical 2, Accurate 1, Breach 1, Sunder
Armored Robes (sith): Defense 1, Soak 2

Teslief has a Force bond with two creatures, a standard stat Nexu named Carii and a standard stat Kath Hound named Geof

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This Gand

For those of you who don’t know about the Gand culture in Star Wars I’ll give you a brief description from Fantasy Flight Games’ Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook on page 47:

Society: Gands have a closed culture. What is known about them is that religion and life are closely entwined. A gathering of elders called the Ruetsavii observes the various religious sects that represent the virtues of Gand life. Off-worlders are most familiar with the religious sect known as the “findsmen”. These are the Gand who leave their home planet on ritualistic hunts to catch prey and bring divine blessings to their people. Many other sects are rumored to exist, particularly in the fields of genetics, medicine, and engineering, but their exact natures are unknown.

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Master Tyranna

Master Tyranna is a Selkath. She is a Jedi Master who has devoted herself to teaching. Having been born during the New Sith Wars her teaching has taken the route of teaching between combats and even during combat. Since emotions can lead to the Dark Side her lessons during combat tend to lean towards calming her students.

[I didn’t want this backstory to be as inclusive as other backstories because she will be the Jedi Master the players are studying under.]

T8-T3 “Tate”

Tate is a mechanic droid similar to T3-M4 from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic I & II.

The story takes place during the New Sith Wars and at this time while they may be referred to as astromech droids this style of droid was actually just a mechanic droid. It would be thousands of years before the first series of R astromech droids would be released.

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