Lousro on Dagobah – Pt. 14

T8-T3 watched as Ao walked down an incline saying something about that’s where they part ways. T8-T3 had seen Jedi having visions before, and he knew enough about aquatic species to tell by Ao’s breathing that he thought he was underwater. T8-T3 beeped something to himself and tried to ping Lousro’s comm.

– – –

Lousro was most of the way to the cave again when he got a ping on his comm. “Why do these bloody things only work part of the time?” He pulled the comm from his belt and landed. His wing was still sore and he needed the break. He answered the comm. “Lousro here. Are you okay, Tate?”

A string of binary assaulted Lousro’s ears. He curled his snout in annoyance and rubbed his beard. “So he’s in the cave and he’s having a vision. You think he believes himself to be underwater. I’m almost there. If you can connect to the ship there’s a message for you in binary. I can’t read it.”

There was a long pause before T8-T3 replied with an affirmative beep and cut the connection.

Sighing to himself, Lousro beat his wings through the air again and took off in the direction of the cave.

– – –

Ao swam through the salty water. He assumed it was what Glee Anselm’s oceans felt like, but he didn’t remember it well.

Pushing through the currents, Ao felt himself being pulled one way but invited the other. Sensing that the current was the Dark Side and the invitation was the Light, the nautolan swam towards the invitation.

The current became powerful and tried to pull him along it but Ao pulled on the power of the Light Side. He augmented his strength and speed allowing him to break free of the current and swim toward the still waters.

– – –

Lousro walked into the cave through the tree trunk. It was the third time he had been in the cave, but the first time he hadn’t fallen in. “Where did they go?”

T8-T3 heard Lousro’s toydarian voice echoing in the cave and rolled out of the small passageway in the wall. He beeped softly.

“Ah. There you are Tate.” Lousro fluttered over. “I sense a calling.” He stroked the shield emitter on his left wrist. “It’s familiar, yet different.” He idly walked towards the crack in the wall. “In here. It’s coming from behind this wall.” He dropped to his feet and walked through the crack.

T8-T3 tweeted loudly at Lousro trying to stop him.

Lousro stopped and looked back briefly. “I know it’s a vision Tate but when a crystal calls you, you listen.” He returned to walking down the small corridor.

T8-T3 beeped something about Jedi and stupidity but followed Lousro.

– – –

Ao found himself in still waters. Above him was inky blackness and below was a bright light. He felt as if the world had inverted and that swimming up would take him to an abyss but swimming down would take him to the surface.

With strong, swift strokes Ao began to swim downwards. The inky blackness coalesced into tentacles and reached for his feet, snagging one of them.

Feeling something wrap around his ankle Ao looked up to see the mass of dark tentacles. He tried pushing them with the Force, but he didn’t move. Panic began to swell inside him.

In his panic the Jedi code found its way to the forefront of his mind.

Emotion, yet peace.

Ignorance, yet knowledge.

Passion, yet serenity.

Chaos, yet harmony.

Death, yet the Force.

– – –

When Lousro exited the passageway into the chamber he didn’t see the chamber, he saw Toydaria. The swamps were different than the ones on Dagobah. They were more inviting.

Lousro shook his head. “It’s an illusion, like the caves beneath The Way of Balance temple on Vergaiun.” He glanced around to see if there were any creatures poised to strike.

Calming himself by drawing from the Light Side Lousro attempted to peer through the illusion. At the edges of his vision the illusion started to fade, but then it snapped back. He stopped attempting to see through it. This was a different test.

– – –

Ao focused on the line of the code “passion, yet serenity” and instead of fighting against the tentacles to reach the light he extended his senses toward the light.

The source of the light was a small point at the bottom of the flooded cavern. Ao reached out with the Force and pulled the light to himself.

Awaking on a dry cavern floor Ao looked around in confusion. He felt his hand grasping something. He opened his palm and looked.

Two orange crystals sat in his palm. They sang to him in the Force, happy to be with him at last.

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The gods of Nevre: The Sorceress – After

The first thing Taika did after she realized she was a goddess was free Ana from the block of ice that had kept her frozen for months. It wasn’t hard to do magic anymore. In fact, it was easy to reach into that place within herself that held her abilities. Shortly after discovering this new power she traveled to the city of Rentaz in the country of Zentar. There she met with the order of wizards. Old men who thought knowledge of the arcane would be enough to wield magic. While there she rebuilt the order from the ground up as the Sorcerer’s Guild.

– – –

At the top spire of the Sorcerer’s Guild Taika looked into a pool of water inside a silvered bowl atop an ornate pedestal. She had been searching for The Vengeance for some time now. Stigr hadn’t deemed to tell her where she was hidden so the only thing Taika could do was search for her. This time she was trying out a new scrying spell. The gods usually couldn’t be scried, but she was a goddess so she figured she could be the exception.

“Ervat! Bring me the feather of a scravyn, the toe of a salaman, and the horn of a zarx. The latter two should be ground to a fine powder,” Taika yelled over her shoulder. “Oh, and the toe should be fresh. The horn doesn’t have to be, but the toe is important.”

Her salaman assistant looked at his feet. “Yes, The Sorceress, I’ll get right on that.” He knew his toe would regrow, but he wasn’t looking forward to having it chopped off.

“Oh, here. This blade cuts without pain and cauterizes wounds.” She walked over to a shelf and pulled a knife from it. The knife glowed a pale green. “Don’t lose that. I also have a spell somewhere that can regrow it faster. Let me look for it while you get to work. The toe should be the last thing, of course.”

The salaman nodded and hurried off to gather the reagents. He set the knife down on a table and started going through organized drawers. “Now what did I put the zarx horn under?”

Taika sighed and moved over to a large, stone chair and sat down, rubbing her temples. “This is getting annoying. Why don’t you just show yourself, Adalet? We need a god with justice in her hand that’s supposed to wield it. I’ve felt the stirrings of vengeance within myself, and I’ve heard that Kemp has wielded his sword for vengeful justice. The kind without honor, and he is the god of honorable warriors!”

Suddenly an idea wormed its way into Taika’s mind. “Ah! No, I don’t need your toe!” She rushed into the other room and saw her assistant about to cut his toe off. “I need my toe.” She took her sandal off. “Quickly.”

“Uhh…” the salaman took the knife and instead of his own toe he cut off the toe of The Sorceress. “I hope you know what you’re doing.” He picked up the toe.

“Grind it into a powder, quickly.” She watched as the magic that infused her started healing her foot. “I need to get this scrying underway.”

It wasn’t long before the ingredients were prepared. “Ok. Powdered toe of god.” The salaman handed Taika a bowl of powder that she dumped into the water. “Powdered horn of zarx.” Another bowl of powder was poured into the water. “Feather of skravyn.” The feather was gently placed on the surface of the water. She said a few words in a strange tongue, then said a command in common. “Show me Adalet call The Justice and The Vengeance.”

The image of Adalet appeared on the water. “Where is she?” The image zoomed out and showed a small town in the northern plains, just to the south. Adalet was running through the town with a quarterstaff. “Oh, she found something it seems. What is it?” The pool seemed to show time in reverse. The town was unbuilt before Taika’s eyes. Eventually the image froze on Grigori Petrovich who was paying a man for a hut with the same quarterstaff on his back. “Oh. Interesting. The quarterstaff of the man who killed her parents. I’m surprised the town is still standing.”

Taika returned the image to the present and watched as two figures followed Adalet, attempted to get her to give the weapon back, got attacked by her, and then defeated the god. “A zarx and a wick just killed her…ah they left before she reconstituted.” She watched as Adalet’s body turned to smoke and reformed next to the pile of her clothes. She redressed and walked away from the town.

“Ok, write the ingredients down. It worked better than I expected.” Taika poured the water from the bowl into a stream of water flowing down the tower. “That’s got to be the most useful of the eight-hundred spell variants I’ve found.”

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The gods of Nevre: The Coward – After

Rajendra knew that there were temples built to him, but he didn’t understand why. He was the worst excuse for a god in all of Nevre, but he was still worshiped as one. Some of his worshipers thought that maybe he would dispel their fears while others used his powers to cause fear in others. Very few realized that fear was his secondary domain even though his title was The Coward.

The Coward’s main domain was cowardice, the opposite of bravery. For this reason, he had a shaky relationship with The Warrior, but Kemp still recognized him as the rightful king so he tried to help. Not that it did any good. Whatever power was released when the stone exploded heightened personality traits. This was Rajendra’s curse. He would always be a coward, no matter what. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Desecrator – After

Mrto felt the explosion deep in his core. The screams of the dying and the sudden silence fueled his dark powers. He absorbed as much of the suffering as he could from where he was and used some of it to finish breaking the bars in his cell. The tremor following the explosion had bent them, but not enough for him to escape. He ran to where the guards had taken his belongings and took them. He also took some of the other items. The other prisoners were dead and would no longer be needing them, anyway. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Warrior – After

Kemp stood on a battlefield covered with the blood of humans and skravyn. This war would later be known as the first skravyn-human war. The Warrior planned to stand on the side of the humans, being one himself, until he heard the human king order the army to kill the women and children.

“They are not people. They are animals. Slaughter them like animals!”

A righteous fury burned brightly in Kemp at that statement. He had never felt such fury before. In his rage he acted for The Vengeance. He walked calmly up to the king. Nobody stopped him. Maybe they recognized him, maybe they saw the great anger on his face. He wasn’t sure, but Kemp always remembered the look of the young prince’s face as he killed his father in front of him. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Jester – After

The Jester and Simisola met up every once in a while. When fate and destiny intertwined strongly they were both drawn to the place where it was being woven. Today was one such day.

Standing in front of a few people who didn’t know who he was The Jester was starting to tell a story of the famed and doomed adventure to what the adventuring party called “The Below” as he was doing so, however, he saw a change in the wind.

“So the band of mary adventurers set out, and the weather was…the wind is changing. I’m sorry. I must go.” The Jester bowed apologetically and popped out of existence in front of them, leaving the people amazed. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Scholar – After

Irfan walked into the great library of Zentar located in Overik. The guard at the door tried to intercept him, but he just popped out of existence in front of him, and back into existence behind him.

“Here’s a tip. If you work at the great library dedicated to a god, learn what that god looks like.” Irfan continued walking into the library. “Though, I guess to some zarx all humans look the same.” Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The King – After

Emyr sat on the king’s throne for nearly two hundred years. In that time he demolished the armies of both Zentar and Aliaz. Once he accomplished this he dismantled the army of Ertval. There was to be no occupation or territory grab. This was the end of Zentar and Aliaz at each other’s throats with knives. A tentative peace was created, but if he remained on the throne everything that he had accomplished would break. He was The King, but an immortal king was not good for a country if it was to grow.

Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Justice/The Vengeance – After

[Excerpt from Fractured Mountains Chapter 7. This s a spoiler warning for an unpublished chapter!]

She quickly dressed, doing her best to keep silent, and snuck out of the room. Burner didn’t wake up when she left and she saw the door to Dreekt’s and Gaemacirch’s room close. The only thought she had in her head was the justice and vengeance that she needed to fulfill. Her role in the pantheon of gods in Nevre was reawakened and she now thought of herself as The Justice and remembered that some had called her The Vengeance. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre: The Commander – After

[First half is an excerpt from Fractured Mountains Chapter 5.]

The Commander led his legion of clockwork minions into the Dark Under. They entered just south of The Fount of The Gods. The tunnel lead to a dwarven citadel, that was destroyed and overrun. When the clockwork army arrived at the citadel The Commander walked to a group of dwarves to confer with them. Continue reading